Sunday, November 7, 2010

A life worth living.

G'day everyone!
I am so sorry that I haven't posted in such a long time, although being reminded by my great friend Kate-Lynn that I had not posted in such a long time my blog was getting cobwebs. Thank you Kate!
Well to say the least I have been very very busy! As you can see below I have been sewing as though my life depended on it.
I finally finished my Design and Tech course for which I am very happy, although I will be continuing this next year just because I need to keep busy. I have uploaded the finished product of my labors somewhere below, it takes a lot of effort to move the photos around so they stay where they are.
I have been making quilts and dresses and in between times learning piano and writing the odd UN-rhyming (but soul searching) poem and starts of stories, I have also lived through the flooding rains we have had this spring. But more on that another time.
And now may I present to you, the second ever quilt I have finished! Very happy with it, although I had some people ask why I put such random bright colours together, I just shrugged and smiled, I love it.

Here is my most recent attempts at quilting, I started it last night and am almost finished, I have this absurd obsession if I start something I have to keep going until I finish it. I may be sitting there for hours and hours on end but I must finish, the result is some very quickly made articles.
Close up

The entire quilt, named.... Garden Paths

Ahh, my Design and Tech dress. (please excuse my face expression, it tends to distort when I can't breath).

In the process of design and production. And I ask you to excuse the mess in the background, it is hard to keep things tidy with only half the shelf space you need.

*Smiles* I am in love with this quilt! I know some people might think its too over the top and bright but I adore it.

And the beautifully even squares on the back, I am glad I got it right!

And I will try to get a written blog post up soon, I don't know when but hopefully not as long as last time.
Till next time,