Friday, May 4, 2012

Around the World: No. 4 Bavaria

Ok, so this is probably my favorite! But maybe not my number 1, just because if I am travelling I want to travel somewhere easy first. Such as an English speaking country!!!

Please excuse my newly found like of Pinterest.

What would have to be my favorite building in the world (so far).

Love, love, love! <3

Source: via Eva on Pinterest

One more castle picture!

(Yes I have a slight fixation on this ^ castle... I admit it!)

Source: via Claudio on Pinterest

Around the World: Place No. 2 Spain & No. 3 Greece

I dont know about everyone else but I have always been fixated on these little towns on the edge of a cliff, with all the houses whitewashed and almost an extension of the ground (well they kinda are!).
Adding to the list we have...

This is Spain vVv

Source: via Gaynell on Pinterest

And this is Greece vVv

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Monday, April 30, 2012

Around the World; Place # 1 Canada

Hey! Ok so I am dreaming a little but I really want to go to Canada on my 'round the world trip'.
And I have decided that to prompt me into some research I am going to share with you a daily snap of where I want to go. Maybe I'll create a map or something.

Source: via Alberta on Pinterest

Monday, January 30, 2012

Hello !
Yes it has been quite a large section of time since I last wrote. For which I am guessing I should be saying how very sorry I am... But! My blog my rules ;).

At the moment my Christmas history is boring and filled with sickness stories and visiting. All I will say is that it was both calming and hysterical. And you can make what you wish from those bare bones I give you.

I listen to powerful music, most probably too loud for my poor eardrums, telling me to follow dreams no matter what. They assume you know what your dreams already are.

I am still writing, still drawing, still sewing, and to add to that I am still cutting weird shapes out of fabric and sewing them together to make something (although the last piece I showed to my was promptly called 'Interesting' and then 'Imaginative'... Yes I think they were long words for 'Ugly' or 'Weird'.). I plow on through the half hearted attempts of praise and plan to make something new today.

My darling Mother, has herself and yours truely booked to go to a large market sometime soon (I think Febuary), so I am crazily making things to sell.

Between times Mother and I have been milking cows at a dairy, every morning and every evening. Speaking of which, it is now time to leave.

So I bid you farewell!

A few words, here and there, a list.

Early morning

Rain falling outside my bedroom window

Finished cup of coffee

Piano music

A Google search on skin allergies

A comment to a post

Country Style magazine

A pretty new note book

10 minutes till I have to leave to go to work

Secrets and truths

A heart hurting and a heart on fire

A smile

A prayer

Life goes on.

Have a good day everyone!
I leave you with a favorite photo of mine