Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just a thought

Hey everyone again :).
I just realised that I missed my own anniversary. Wow, I was keeping an eye on it then I forgot and completely lost track of the days.

!!!!Happy Late Anniversary To Purely Crazy!!!!

Any ideas on a late Anniversary party would be most appreciated!
I'll figure something out and do a post on the 1st of Feb (it'll also be a of a first day at Cudgewa post too, lol) :).
Till then!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

4 days and some news

So four days to go... Yay! Have you ever realised how long and short four days can be??? Four long days till we move and 4 short days till I start school.

We almost have all our stuff moved now, it wont be long before I wont be able to post because the computer is one of the next things to go. So I figure that I had better get one or two last posts in before we dont have a computer or Internet. I am not sure we will have Intenet at Cudgewa. I know that there is Internet at the house but our friends havent moved out yet so... yeah.

I dont know how much time I will have to get on a computer either because I'm taking some classes at the school this year. Starting Monday. Its kinda scary, because being home schooled I have no idea how school works, I hardly know any body, and I have never been in a class situation. I guess I'll live and it probably wont be so bad when I get there.

Today we were supposed to have an ordit for the dairy. An ordit is when the milk company sends some one out to check how clean our dairy is and how good all the paper work is, just things like that so we have been cleaning a lot. I spent my morning on the end of a shovel and broom cleaning under our silo. I now have blisters on my hands and I suspect I will have very sore shoulders and back tonight and tomorrow. And then after all that cleaning and effort everyone put in, it got called off. For what reason I have got no idea. But at least the dairy is as clean as a whistle for the man who is going to take over from us.

Well I really need to go, I guess the rest of the day will be something of cleaning and packing :). We moved our horses back to Cudgewa yesterday, so it now actually feels like we are moving, for some reason it didnt before. It almost feels like it isnt true, that we are actually getting out of here. We are getting things ready for the next sharefarmers and in just 4 short days we wont have to look after this farm anymore.
Anyway I am rambling :).
Till next time, I hope everyone has a great day!

Monday, January 25, 2010

an apology and another update, sorry couldnt think of anything else to call it.

I feel I owe my readers an apology. The last few times I've posted I haven't exactly been in the best state of mind. I'm usually a bit grumpy or tired or something, and today as I read over some of the stuff I wrote, I know that I shouldn't have written some of it as it wasn't very nice and it definitely wasn't God honoring. I'm sorry.

6 days to go! Yay! I am very happy :). I really cant wait to get back home. We still have quite a bit of stuff to move back there, but we are getting there, its like we have seen the light at then end of the tunnel.
Our house is getting barer by the day. But there is a problem with that, like I packed something that I was supposed to send to my friends. Then our medical cupboard was packed, and of course I had an accident and we struggled to find band aids. And another thing, sometimes when I get bored I get this weird urge to do school work, this is mostly on weekends and school holidays (ie. now) and it was about two weeks ago that I packed up every last inch of school book and we took it all back to Cudgewa! Some times it gets frustrating when you cant find things and some one else goes "uh I packed that".
Oh well I guess we will live :).
Got to go
Till next time!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


So news.

Still moving... That will be happening for another 2 weeks yet :P. But I am glad it is coming to an end. I wont babble on about that much more because you have heard quite a bit about it of late.

Farmers market is on Saturday. My sister and I have decided that we arent going to do a food stall this time. Because of our wonderful state of moving we wont have much time to plan and cook for the whole stall so we might as well not even try. But, yes there is always a 'but', we have decided to pick blackberries for it instead :). Ahh I love this time of year, just because we get to get out of doors and usually down the paddock a ways to stuff our faces and containers full of the juicy black fruit. *Screech*!!!! Ok, back to reality! We get to get out of our nice cool house into the 40 degrees celcius heat and prick our fingers with the thorns and stain our nails and mouths with purple juice, not to mention any light coloured clothing you might be wearing, for a few measly berries. :) Just kidding, I do really like picking them but it can get tiresome when you are out there all by ones self for a number of hours.

About a week ago I got landed with the job of moving sprinklers again, it wouldnt be so bad except this year I dont have the nice option of riding a four wheeled motorised veichle, I have to do it on foot, most times I can get a sympathetic sibling to help me out but sometimes I have to do it on my own. Our boss thinks its a great job for a couple of kids to do because you get to stand under sprinklers getting sprayed with cold water. What he doesnt know is that unless you want to be sprayed with cold stinky dam water you have to move them while the pump is off... which means you are walking roughly 2 kilometers dragging sprinklers and their pipes through shin length dry grass in high 30 degree heats. I dont think he has ever done it.

Oh and right now our country gets the wonderful privalige of hosting Prince William.

Well gotta go. Till Next time I find something to blog about :).

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fire Photos and some updates...

Hey everyone!

I'm sorry I havent updated in a while. Busy I guess...

We are still moving. Slowly and fastly. Its all been hectic and tiresome, but we are slowly getting there. 'D-day' is creeping closer by the day, just hope we can keep up.

Ok I know its been almost a month and I should have had this done ages ago but I havent... So anyway here are the photos of the fire. They are in no paticular order because my computer didnt like moving them then I left it a day and I have no idea what oder they go in anyway :P.

The chopper


With all hell breaking loose around me I couldnt help taking a self portrait. The glasses and mask are not to hide my identity but to keep little bits of dust, hot ash and other horrid bits getting into my eyes and the mask was to stop me from suffocating in the smoke filled air, seriously it was hard to breath with out it. It was soooo hot that day, my Mum made me take the wet towel that in the pic is around my neck and put it over my self.

I was having some trouble with the zoom, lol, but I think this photo might make a profile pic somewhere :).

The fire had just jumped the fence into our property here, the white car down there is my Dad, brother and the MG rep, with the spray unit filled with water, with this unit and his skills my Dad could be a fire fighter.

The fire racing up the hill, nothing stopping it. At this moment my heart was in my throat, we didnt know if it was going to stop in the short grass or not, going that fast and that big we didnt know what it was going to do.

coming over our fence.

I was whispering to my self when I took this photo "Hurry Dad, hurry!".

Its coming down the hill, it doesnt look threatening there does it? But scroll up and have a look at the photos above, that is what it did after this.

Slowly creeping down the hill towards our fence.

This is when we started getting worried, it wasnt going along the top of the rise but going down it.

The smoke was awful!
(I did have a pic of the fire tanker but accidentally deleted it :P)

That was the hay...
Thats the MG rep's car. No it didnt get burnt.

Is it the hay??? nooo, it cant be! It is.
Nothing to do but wait... I snapped this photo with out my Mum even knowing it because she was to busy watching the fires.
If the fire had have come any closer this young man did some things that could have saved our lives. I think his name was Mark but I am not sure.
Ok thats it. I have to go.
Till next time I write.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh Romeo, Romeo. Where for art thou Romeo?

Yup I have finally fulfilled my ambition to read Romeo and Juliet, lol! My sister was given the complete works of William Shakespeare for a Christmas present, since she also got the complete works of The Bronte sisters, I asked her if I could read Romeo and Juliet before she read the whole lot :). She was more than happy to hand it over, Ayala isn't a fan of Shakespeare and more to the point, hates Romeo and Juliet. She and Sarah always told me not to read it 'because its so boring and stupid anyway!' so I hadn't gotten around to getting it from the library yet. I'm not sure if I like it or not.... I don't like the story. But I love the wording. The way the characters speak, the way that Shakespeare put some comedy into the worlds greatest love story. I couldn't sit down and read the whole lot of it from cover to cover in one sitting, I think my head would explode! There is such a difference in how they speak to how we speak now. They speak with their Thees and Thous and arts. I think I want to start on The Taming of the Shrew next :). But I have to finish Janette Oke first.

Anyways normal news coming right up! I'm sorry I haven't put any photos up yet I always seem to forget or last time I tried the memory card wouldn't work and now I don't know where it is!!!
Grandma is up. And we are still moving. My Dad might have almost fixed our car now. So as soon as he finds out what is wrong with it we will be making our daily trips back to our place again. We have moved heaps of stuff already but we still have heaps to go. That's actually why my Grandma is here, she is really great at getting us cleaning and she is great to have around when you are moving because she is always getting us going with the next thing to pack :). The 31 seems to be coming around real fast.

BTW Who has had a fun time writing the date?! 5/1/10 :) I tried to get my Dad all muddled today by saying "O-10" but he didn't fall for it. I have had a time trying to stop my self writing 09 on the end of the date. I seems to have trouble getting my head around the date for the first month of a new year.

Well I gotta go, things to do, books to read, stuff to pack!
TTYL all!!!! And have a wonderful NEW YEAR!