Monday, September 28, 2009

92 post... 8 till 100!!! :D

As the title says, I have only 8 posts till I reach 100 posts! :D It has been a long time coming and I was wondering what I should do for my 100'th post?? Any ideas? What did everyone else do on their 100th post?? Ok if anyone has any ideas please leave a comment and let me know!!!
Now to normal posting... Well this week we had Kurt staying, AGAIN! He is really starting to become part of the furniture, lols. No I'm just joking, he will always be welcome here :).
On Friday Grandma came up, for Dan's birthday (its so hard to believe that he is a teenager now! Well actually not really... he is getting almost taller than me now! And the best part... He has been taking over some of my harder jobs, yay!), and stayed till Sunday morning (Mum took Kurt home Saturday lunchtime.). We sat inside all day Saturday watching TV (it was only the football, boring :P) because it was windy and rainy and really just miserable outside. Then after Grandma left, Sunday morning, we packed ourselves up and took the 2 hour trip to Bathanga to my other grandparents for a kind of three person birthday party/get together Mama had going (it was Sarah, Dan and my uncle Jed's birthdays), so all the aunts and uncles were there (except one uncle and his family), so we got to see all our little cousins, Abby and Grace are getting so big and grown up!! And the three little boys, Charlie, Izak and Joseph are soo cute (Izak is Abby and Grace's little brother, Charlie and Joe are brothers)!! Here are some photos.
Izak and his Dad, my Uncle Brendan

Yours truly, very tired and a bit cold, the warmest I was all day I think. (sorry this isn't a great photo all the other's Ayala got of me were worse than this :P).

Little Joe :) so cute and the youngest of all the cousins.

Charlie, Abby and Izak

My beautiful Aunty Cynthia and her two gorgeous sons, Joe and Charlie.

Abby and Sarah thinking about the cryptic message I just gave them in Spot this Object, lols.

Grace and Sarah, the two second children :)

Little mister cutesie pie is making funny faces :), Gotta love the little fella!

Gracie and Dan

Aunty Patrice, Izak and Pop

And that is all the photo's I am uploading because it took me hours to upload this lot!! And I am not exaggerating!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Well Cassie was so kind as to include me in this award/tag. Thanks Cassie!!
Here's the Rules :D.
1. Say thanks and link to the person who gave you the award. (Done that :)
2.Share ten "honest" things about yourself. (I have no idea what to write!!!)
3.Award this to seven people who's blog design/content you admire or who have encouraged you, and inform them of their win and of the rules of this award. (I think I'll just have to pick a random few people because my sister told me she is getting sick of being tagged :P!)

Okey Dokey! Here goes :)
1. I cant stand being bored or not doing anything.
2. I like taking long walks in the paddock (except I haven't done this in a while)
3. I like haying season because it smells so great!
4. When I wash dishes I organise the dirty knives, forks and spoons in the cups and I get
annoyed when someone puts them in the wrong cups (because of this my sisters jokingly say I must have Autism, which I find vastly amusing).
5. I drink a cup of coffee almost every morning.
6. I like photography (but I cant say I am very good at it :P)
7. I don't have a favorite colour, they all have their place in the world and in their place they are
8. I like watching birds, small birds mostly.
9. I like modifying clothes.
10. I get annoyed very easily (something that I need to work on).
Oh boy that was hard! Why is it so hard to think of things about your self??
Ok now to tag someone! Just so you know I am tagging you almost completely randomly!
Anyways I have things to do so I gotta go!!
Bye, byes!!

A Young Maiden's Daybook 21/9/2009

A Young Maiden's Day book
Today... Monday, 21 September 2009
Outside my window... Its a sunny warm day with a tiny breeze
I am thinking... That Ayala should really start a daycare center! LOL!!
I am feeling... A bit cold. I hope I can spend some time in my garden today (in the sunshine!).
I am thankful for... That Ayala and Sarah did the poddies yesterday and that I didn't have to be there.
I am wearing... bare feet, dark pink ankle length skirt, purple and white plaid 3/4 sleeved shirt, and my blue watch :) (sorry about the long winded account of my clothing, but I did have to answer the questions, lol)
I am reading... nothing right at this moment in time.
I am creating... A late birthday present for my sister Sarah.
One of my favorite things... Sunny days.
For education this week... I have no idea!!
A keeper at home skill I am learning/using... cooking, cleaning and sewing.
A spiritual lesson I am learning... to be diligent
A Godly character trait I plan to work on... Being the girl God wants me to be, not the one I want to be.
Scripture I plan on memorising (I changed that cos I'm not learning one right now, lol)... Not sure where it is but it goes along the lines of "We should be in this world but not of it.".
I am praying for... Its a secret.
For the rest of the week... Ayala's little boy is coming out tomorrow, so I will probably be helping babysit!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Da di dum dar da di dum dar

Yup, you are correct I am bored, a little crazy and seem to have suddenly inherited my Dads funny word concoctions.
Well anyways I'm sorry I haven't posted in about a week I have been busy and not much has been happening :) (contradiction, kinda). For some reason this week my Mum and I have found ourselves in town every day since Monday and twice on Tuesday and Thursday. BTW for anyone who doesn't know 'town' is a half hour drive away, an hour round trip! Before you know it the whole day has gone and you are left with an hour or so in the morning and an hour or so in the afternoon before going into town and after going to town, and between milkings! And silly us were thinking about taking today and going to Albury/Wodonga (about 2 hours away) to see a movie with Mama (grandmother on Dad's side) because she wanted to do something with her grandchildren she doesn't get to see very often... Great idea, but we have this afternoon that we aren't doing anything and then we are having visitors tomorrow! Can any of you guess how tired I am? that's right VERY! And this morning I woke up with a sore throat so I hope I am not coming down with anything!
OK on a brighter note, my second oldest sister, Sarah, turned 17 on Thursday! I was talking to Ayala the other day and she made mention of the fact that in a year and a half she will be 20!And in a week my baby brother will be 13! Where did all that time go?? It just seems like yesterday that Ayala was 13 and we were having little picnics in the paddock at Cudgewa with oranges and cheese, lol :).
'Nother subject now! I finally sent my assignment off last week, I got it back Tuesday... I got 80% and a distinction, YAY! I know it probably wasn't my best shot but its a lot better than 74 on my last one :). I have one more assignment in this book then I have to download another book! which is exciting :D!
Well I really need to go because its time to feed poddies and I have about 4 new calves to teach to drink so its going to take a while!
Til next time!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Picnic :)

The last few days have been really nice and warm... Actually maybe slightly too warm! It has been up in the mid to high 20s (degrees Celsius) which is really hot for early spring. We took advantage of the wonderful weather and went for a picnic :). We asked our neighbor if we could go through her property and picnic down at the river. She has the most beautiful spot down there, its all green and there are a heap of gum trees everywhere.
I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story :)

Happy, slightly crazy... hmm I am thinking this might just make my new profile pic :)

My happy beautiful mother, preparing damper by the looks of that, mmm yum!

Lazy-bones sister (dont worry that drink she is holding is completely non-alcoholic, lol)

This is Kurt, for some reason looking a little bit grumpy (which by the way is not normal!!) :)

Dad had spotted a White Clawed Murray Crayfish and sent Dan and Kurt to get it, Dan was a bit scared so Kurt risked his toes only to lose the cray in deeper water (I have no idea how only the three of us got in this picture because everyone was crowded around).

Dad, Kurt and Dan getting the rods all ready to catch some fish (BTW we didnt catch any :P. Why is it when you have visitors, they always end up in the photos???)

River flats with huge gum trees, just beautiful!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Internet Silence (if you call it that) and a Young Maiden's Daybook (ie. Long post)

Well if you have read my blog in the last week you would know I have been spending the last 4 days in Melbourne. Oh do I hate big cities!! I am not joking! After the second day I wanted to come home... The water tasted like a pool, there was no where to go and have a quiet moment if you needed one, there were so many people, it was so noisy, and there was hardly anything to do, and most of all my whole family wasnt there (each of those should be followed with an exclaimation mark, lol, and yet not lol).

(I wrote the above on Sunday night, so I will try to finish and publish this post before I get off the computer again and forget about it)

Ok... Now where to go??? Ok, we went shopping on the second day. We went to THE biggest shopping center I have ever seen and could ever imagine! It was almost scary, the size of the place! We walked around that for about two hours and didnt see all of it! We went into David Jones and just out of curiosity looked at the price of a simple cotton dress... Wait for it... The price tag read $600!!! We didnt feel like touching anything after that, hehe. After the two hours were up Aunty Lynne (who isnt actually our aunt but Uncle Bob was best friends with my grandpa and so my Mum and her brothers and sisters called them Aunt and Uncle and so thats what we call them) took us to to a factory outlet where thankfully almost every thing was within our price range and we didnt feel quite so intimidated, lol!

On the third day Ayala and Sarah had to go to their course and I stayed at home with our friends. Aunty Lynne has the biggest scrapbooking/cardmaking collection I have ever seen, and she was kind enough to give me some papers, stamps, and punches :) so that is what I did with my morning then in the after noon Aunty Lynne and Uncle Bob took me to some craft shops, which without my Mum I have to say wasnt very interesting... I would see something I knew she would like but she wasnt there to see it too. And in the evening we met up with some other friends who we hadnt seen in a long time.

And obviously on the fourth day we came home. Do you have any idea how wonderful the feeling of heading home is? It was the best feeling I have ever felt, I think :D.

We had Monday at home but today we were back in Albury/Wodonga because my brother had a dentist appointment. And right now I am so worn out it isnt funny!! I am so sick of towns and being in a car I'd rather stop talking about it all, lol (it probably isnt that bed but I just have some other stuff to write right now.).

A Young Maiden's Daybook
(that I should have written yesterday)

Today... Tuesday 8 September 2009
Outside my window... I have my curtains closed but from the sound on the roof its raining quite heavily and its dark.
I am thinking... About the new book Mum bought, that I should email a few of my friends (I'm sorry I havent yet), wondering, a little bit confused and somehow happily so, about things in the past.
I am feeling... completely worn out, kinda sad about some stuff I have said and done.
I am thankful for... The actions of others that have shown I did something right, my Mum and her motherly wisdom.
I am wearing... black flat shoes, blue jeans, and a very ew yellow coloured woolen jumper.
I am reading... For Young Women Only, by Shaunti Feldhahn and Lisa A. Rice (If anyone is wondering, this is the cause of my slightly weird thoughts, feelings and thankfulness and yes I am going to say something about it). Wow, what a book! I have often wondered and sometimes exclaimed "What was/is he thinking?!", this has been about my brother and sometimes my friends who are guys. I am one of the worst girls for misunderstanding guys, I am sorry if I sound like I am putting myself down but its true. How many of us girls actually realise that some guys would actually prefer to be respected rather than loved? The cause of my weird thoughts has come from I guess examaning how I have treated the guys in my life, wether it be my Dad, my brother or my friends. And thinking "How could I have acted better in such and such a situation?"... (BTW, have only read the first two chapters).
I am creating... Nothing right now, I need some ideas :)
One of my favorite things... Home
For education this week... Actually there might be something this week. I asked Ayala to help me get back into school work and stuff, I dont know how this is going to go but hopefully it will work out.
A keeper at home skill I am learning/using... cooking
A spiritual lesson I am learning... Not to keep anything from God.
A Godly character trait I plan to work on... Being the girl God wants me to be, not the one I want to be.
Scripture I plan on memorising (I changed that cos I'm not learning one right now, lol)... Not sure where it is but it goes along the lines of "We should be in this world but not of it.".
I am praying for... My Dad, that he will be able to make the right decisions.
For the rest of the week... Hopefully not much :)... Resting, school work, writing work (thinking about that I planned on doing that today but I guess I ran out of time), house work.
Well I guess thats it for now. Will write some other time. Soon, hopefully :)!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just thinkin' that I want to write somethin'

Its 10 minutes to 9 PM, on the second day of spring. And I am sitting here thinking that I should probably be packing my bag to go to Melbourne tomorrow, listening to the best music (ie. Classical, is there any other? :) and my favorite song, Pachelbel, I think it is also called Canon in D. And thinking (I mentioned that already, didnt I?) about random stuff, like my friends (most of whom are probably just waking up about now), tomorrow, spring, my garden, dirty feet (from wandering around in bare feet, yeah I know, crazy, right?), the project I am almost finished, prayer requests I received earlier today. You know its funny, when I receive prayer requests and I pray for the person, I find myself praying that God's will be done... I'm tired, I probably should go to bed.
I was working in my garden today. Yesterday I got potatoes planted and tomatoes in the green house. I was never very good at gardening... I was always too impatient for the plants to grow and it always seem like an age for anything to happen :)! Why is it that we get so impatient about things? I'm not only talking about plants but life in general... Well I think that will be a good note to ponder on while I sleep :).
I dont know if I will post tomorrow, so this is probably to be bye for about 4 days.

The rest of the post I didnt finish last Sunday :)

Well (let me just read over what I wrote on Sunday...), even though it doesn't sound like it, we did have a lot of fun on Saturday when we went snowboarding/skiing.
After I wrote that post my Aunt found that she only had two bikes so I stayed at the house and Dan and Aunty Jane took Sheba (her dog) for a run on the bikes, so I could have very easily finished this then but I really didn't feel like it (yeah, yeah, lazy bones, right?). Anyways after they got back we took our wet clothes down to the laundromat to get dried (because my Aunt doesn't have a drier, and we didn't have time to wait for them to air dry) after a bit of drama we managed that and while we waited we went to see great Grandpa at the nursing home, he has lost a lot of his memory and had no idea who Dan and I were, he really didn't have any idea who Aunty Jane was either...
After that we picked up our washing and went to my cousin Jorjah's 1'st birthday party. From there we went home. That was the most welcome place to be that day :).
Life went on like normal until tomorrow. My sisters and I are getting on a train to go to Melbourne.
Well basically that is the end of this post, lol.