Thursday, June 25, 2009

I's sick :P

Yup that's right I caught the same thing most people catch around this time of year... a flu. My Mum took one look at me this morning and said "You look terrible!". Last night Sarah walked into the room and asked me what I was crying about. I don't know if this means I am getting better or worse, hopefully better... but I have a horrible feeling it isn't.

When you have a flu and think things cant get any worse, and they do! Well yesterday they did, I had a dentist appointment, and he informed me that I have 4 baby teeth to pull out! Yikes! You can imagine what my first thought was (ie. NOOOOOOO!!!). Thankfully Mum decided that it would probably be better to wait till I was a little bit healthier. But he pulled one out anyway :(

I still haven't been able to finish my assignment. My brain can barely think of what to write in this blog post let alone think of assignments! Well I guess I am not to bad because I almost finished writing my entry for the Elaine Mitchell Rural Women's Writing Award. I have about 7 days to finish it and send it in.

Till next time! Hopefully I will be a bit healthier next time I write :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

odds and ends

Sigh.... what a week! Dad's birthday, my birthday, Grandma staying for 5 days, Mama and Pop visiting, we all got sick, we have sick cows, we had a visit from the NSW 'official' vet (because of the sick cow) and there are some very important discussions that need to take place very soon. Because of certain things I am not allowed to tell you what the cow has, but it isn't good and it could be a contributing factor for our leaving, that and the announcement the milk company is supposed to be making about the milk prices. Its all still up in the air at the moment so I wont say any more.

Dad's birthday, we didn't do anything. It was a pretty normal day except that Dad got a few presents and we made his favorite dinner and had a nice dessert.

My birthday, we didn't do anything. It was a pretty normal day except that we tried something new for dinner, its called a Steam Boat. Its Chinese, basically you have a wok of boiling chicken stock in the middle of your table and you cut all the meat and vegetables up into tiny slices and marinate them, then when you are ready to eat, every one gets a little wire basket and they cook their own. We made a big mess and had lots of fun we did get pictures taken, but I'm not going to upload them now.

I am still having trouble with this writing assignment, I know I know I shouldnt be taking this long on one assignment! I have been telling myself that for a very long time, but I have just got no idea on how to do it, my mum helped me figure out how to do a very basic outline then I sent that to my tutor and she told me to use that for my assignment but add some detail! How on earth can I add detail when I dont even have the material I am going to write with anyway? I am just going to be writing down stories. And seeing as though I am not even 100% sure I am going to write a book right now... and explaining it is even harder than writing it.

Well I have to go. I have a head ache and I feel like I am about to fall asleep, I think being sick does that too you. :(

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sigh... need to find stuff to post about...

Well sorry I have been such a bad blogger. I really haven't had much to write about (that I would want to write about here). I haven't even been *busy*.... :(
Oh well I guess now I am here writing I might as well finish a blog post, I have actually written about 4 but they all seem to have ended up unfinished in drafts :P. Not good.

Today, is my 15th birthday. So far it has been a pretty normal day (ok, ok I got to sleep in), my sisters got up and got ready for work, told me happy birthday and left. I made myself a coffee and sat here at the computer to see what horrible comments were made by my friends about the photos my sister put on Face book of Sarah (my other sister) dying my hair (that story later). Then looked up my friends blogs to see what they had written, but only one was updated, which reminds me I have to thank Elisha for following my blog... Pause... ok that's done :). And now as you can see I am typing out this. And soon my parents will call me to go down to help feed the poddie calves.

My Grandma (grandmother on my Mum's side) is staying for 4 days over my and Dad's birthday (Dad's birthday was yesterday, but I had better not tell you how old he is, lol), so probably in not too short a time I will be receiving more 'happy birthdays', *sigh* I was sick of this birthday before it even came, and now I have to live through 4 days of it (ok two down, my Aunt and uncle came up over the Queen's birthday weekend, Dad's birthday is over, that leaves 2 to go, today and Saturday, Mama, my grandmother on my Dad's side, is coming on Saturday).

Yesterday, Sarah decided it would be a good idea to get some hair products (ie. hair spray), she had told me this much but when she came home she was armed with two packets of hair dye, for Ayala's and Sarah's 15th birthdays Mum took them to the hair dresser to have their hair dyed, but since I don't really 'love' having my hair dyed, I begged out and Mum signed me up for folk art lessons instead (much funner in my opinion), but apparently I wasn't getting out that easily, my sister decided to be 'nice' and buy me PURPLE hair dye! Thankfully, when she put it in it just turned my hair a darker shade of brown and in the light it has kinda a purple-ish glow, I just have to wear a hat, and no one will know :D! But my brother bore the brunt of her 'good ideas' too she got him blond streaks (we had been trying to convince him for weeks that he should get some hair gel and put his hair in spikes or something, he told us that is was for girls and he wasn't having any of it, Did I mention he looks really good with spiky red and blond streaked brown hair?), we had a lot of fun :)
Well I really need to go, get dressed in 500 layers of clothing before heading out into the 'wild wild white' (and cold!) lol!
Till next time!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Writing... Ideas... Cold... and what ever else I feel like writing.

OK, its a cold morning down here on a farm in the bottom end of New South Wales. I am sitting at our kitchen table, which looks out at our back yard, past that there is the horse paddock, and beyond that is the poddie (calves) paddock, past that there is the road and past that there is a wall of complete white! But I know that beyond that there are another 10 or so paddocks then there is an intersection of two roads in the saddle of a hill, after that, there are two hills and then the mountains. On a sunny day you can see the snow. So you get the idea of how close we are to 'real' snow :). It gets kinda cold here, lol! (ok there is the cold bit)

Have you ever sat with your family for an evening with a note pad and pen, and written down random things people say? None of it makes sense when you read back over it until you start think of it as something else other than the conversation they were having at the time. I did this one time and afterwards I didn't know what they were talking about but it was weird how some sentences fitted together from different conversations! (and that's the ideas and writing bits put into one).

Mum and Dad just called so I have to go feed poddie calves (and that wraps up the 'what ever else I feel like writing' bit, except that I would rather not have written it).
Got to go. Till next time!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Queens Birthday Monday... A Young Maidens Day Book #5

I guess this is one of the good things about living in a country that 'kind of' has a queen, we get to celebrate her birthday, it isn't actually her birthday.

I guess I should do a young maidens day book, I forgot last week.

Today.... Monday, 8 June

Outside my window... Its cloudy, it rained a lot last night so its really muddy

I am thinking.... That I should be looking at the jobs in the paper, and I need to write my next writing assignment.

I am thankful for.... good intentions, and being able to make stuff with my own two hands and hand-me-downs

I am wearing.... olive coloured track pants, same coloured zip up jacket

I am reading.... I haven't had much time to read this last couple of weeks

I am creating.... I am finishing a shirt that a friend asked me to make for him, but one problem... he couldn't get me a pattern so I made it up as I went along, and now at the last (practically) 10 stitches, the no pattern thing is coming back to haunt me!!

One of my favourite things.... sunshine after rain

For education this week.... Writing, and anything I get time to do

A keeper at home skill I am using/learning: sewing and cleaning

A spiritual lesson I'm learning.... Patience

A godly character trait I plan to work on.... being patient with every body and every thing

I am praying for.... my Aunt and my Uncle, but mostly for my Aunt.

For the rest of the week.... Farm work, house work and staying out of the way of anybody preparing birthday gifts (one thing I hate about my birthday is that I cant be in on the surprises :P)

A picture I'd like to share....

My favorite Aunt and my Mum (any family resemblance?).

Well I was going to say a heap more but I think I will leave it for today and go do something constructive (as my mum is usually saying).

Till next time!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Today... fellowship meeting... the rest of the weekend plans...

So tired. I should probably be in bed. Its almost 11 PM. But I haven't written anything today... and where better place to put my few rambling words.

Today, there was a fellowship meeting at our friend's house. Pretty much same old stuff... Except this time we were slightly more prepared, instead of playing our usual Pictionary, Articulate, The Oxford Game, or Monopoly, we took the NIV Bible game (we don't read that version of the Bible but... Oh never mind.). And instead of Madagascar we borrowed the Amazing Grace movie from our local video shop and had a really nice change :), did I mention that I love Amazing Grace? That is one of the most beautiful movies I have seen in my life, its very inspirational, amazing... I guess the only word I can think of right now is 'story' but that word seems to be so... so what I am not sure, I am too tired to think of where my brain is going right now.

Tomorrow... Grandma, Auntie Jane and Uncle Mark are coming up tomorrow. They were going to go for a bush walk and camp, but the weather isn't good here, so they decided to come up and visit us instead. I'll write more on this sometime after tomorrow happens.
I have been pondering this scripture for the last couple of days,
"Let no man despise thy youth. But be thou an example of the Believers. In conversation, in Charity, in Spirit, in Faith, in Purity."
1 Timothy 4:12
I want to live this.
The last little while I have wondered what I could do, the only wording I can think of right now is 'what can I do for God', while I am as young as I am. I have seen some of my friends go and spread the Word of God, I sometimes get frustrated that I cant do anything. But I think I am starting to understand that little really is much when God is in it, and I can do exactly as what my family are doing and just living and showing God's love to the normal every day people we see all the time. (This is just my tired ramblings, so please just bear that in mind if you comment.)
Till next time!
Your tired blog author,

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

sorry not many posts....

I'm sorry... I should have been posting more often. I guess I just haven't had much to say, I have no idea why, I can usually think of something to write about. Lately even my diary has been getting neglected :(.

I've been doing a lot of cleaning (and thinking!!) lately, trying to finish projects and things before... well I guess before I turn 15, I know I might be making a big deal about it and I should stop worrying about it, but... Even when I tell my self that, I still feel like I should be getting ready to get a job, kind of like 'putting away childish things', I know I am being silly... because I don't even know that I will get a job, just because both my sisters got jobs right after the 15th birthday doesn't mean I will, right? OK, I think you get the gist of whats been going through my mind lately!

Isn't it funny, when you experience something and you want to put it into words but it just never seems to come out right, well sometimes it does but... yeah. OK, to get the point (lol), I went for a ride on my pony the yesterday, it was really cloudy and it was about to start raining, it was late so it was almost twilight, and I was cantering/galloping around a not long sowed paddock. That's the picture, but how do you describe the sounds of his hooves hitting the soft ground, the off balance feeling I got when he turned the corner of the paddock a bit too quick, the acceleration that he loves to surprise me with when I think he is already going as fast as he can, the slight panic I got when my dog was standing right where Blackie and I were about to go? I could go on and on, but I think you know what I am talking about. My tutor told me to keep a note pad handy (not that I can write down this stuff when I am flying along at 40 K's an hour on the back of my pony!), but writing them down isn't the problem, its how to correctly describe them. (Another funny thing, lol, is that when you start writing you end up saying exactly what was on your mind!).
Till next time.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I thought that I would post some photos of some stuff I have been working on for the last little while.
The lamp stand and lamp shade were finished about a month ago. The lamp shade took me a while to get done but since I am the third generation to try work on it I guess it went together pretty quick :). I got it from my Mum who had got it from Grandma when she was moving. I think there were a few times that Grandma was going to throw it away and I know my Mum was going to throw it away when I rescued it.
The lamp stand was also destined to rust away in my Dad's steel pile behind his shed in the shape of an old set of rusty green kiddy swings... but after some help from my Mum (finding it), my brother and a friend (who helped me pull it apart), and my Dad (who patiently showed me how to sand the paint off, taught me to spray paint, welded it together for me and lent me some stain-less-steel wire for the beading :), it came out like this.
What a wonderful family I have!!!

(Its wonky, isn't it???)

An up-close view of the beading, I think the beading was the thing that took the longest

This is my latest project, I finished them yesterday. I think I mentioned them in my last post. They are just art canvases with the fabric over the top. They have fasteners at the back (that look like a groove, you pull the fabric tightly over the grooves then put a tiny sliver of wood, called a biscuit, into the grooves and sandwich the fabric between) to keep them tight. Then stapled calico on the back to cover up the mess (there wasn't that much mess, lol!) :)!
I finished them then mentally slapped myself for not taking photos while I was in the process... I always seem to remember stuff like that when its too late :(!

I thought the Piano was a good background :)

The background colour on the fabric is actually pale yellow but the photos dont show it well at all

Till next time!