Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Joyful Lamb :)

I have a new friend (well an old friend in real life) on blogger! Joy (that isn't her real name) has started a blog. So please go over and have a look when she has posted some :D. Check it out here
Gotta go!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sigh... sickish still... got itchy fingers :)

So I guess that means I am going to write a blog post :).
Do you know how good it feels to be able to just type away and not worry about what to write and what I need to be doing. Do you know how good it feels to have your fingers typing away? Its like breathing. Just something I have to do, how good it feels to be set free (that isnt exactly how I wanted the words to come out but they kinda fit so I guess they will have to do.
Ok here is a random question to those of you who faithfully read my blog (even for those who do read it and I dont know about you, lol), do you enjoy reading the words that come randomly out the ends of my fingers??? I mean does it ever get boring just reading it all? Do you wish I had more pictures? Or do you like it the way it is? If you do think it is boring please tell me! Tell me your ideas. What should I do more that would help my blog to be better?
So today I wear a skirt (Yay!), I dont wear them often because being on a farm it really isnt practical to be in anything but jeans so wearing a skirt is kinda a novelty, I dont have very many right now as I said the other day that I have been living out o a few boxes and we still haven't got all our stuff out of storage yet :(. I love wearing pretty skirts they make me feel very feminine and pretty. I have memories of when I was a little girl I used to wear skirts all the time, you know after reading Little House on the Prairie, and watching things like Pride and Predjudice, we never really played at keeping house, we played Little House, Pride and Predjudice, Seven Little Australians and Little Women, lol!
This weekend past was great fun! We had three friends out (Josh L. and Zac and Rachel P.), Dan, Josh and Zac went motor bike riding for half of Saturday, till Zac's bike died then they burnt sticks at the creek. Sarah, Rachel and I spent Saturday crocheting, well Sarah was Crocheting and I was teaching Rachel how to. I do not think I am a very good crochet teacher! I am not really a good teacher of anything!
Saturday night the boys decided to camp at the creek. Although they were going to eat their dinner down there, after dark my brother turns up and says "Oh, I came to find something to eat..." Mum didnt think it was a great idea for three teenage boys, none of whom know how to cook, to be cooking sausages on sticks/plow disk over a camp fire (LOL). So they had to suffer to come to the house and eat with civilised people. After dinner we girls retreated to Sarah and my bedroom to watch a movie, the boys went their own way to their camp fire and my parents and oldest sister went to bed. The movie was soooo sad! It is called All Mine to Give. Its about this immigrant family with a heap of kids in the 1850's in Wisconsin. One of the little boys gets Diphtheria and the whole family is quarantined, the little boy gets better but the Dad catches it and he dies, then the mother gets exhausted from caring for the children and catches Typhoid and she dies, then on top of all of this the children have to give them selves away before they get taken to an orphanage and separated forever. So the eldest boy gives all the smaller children away then gets a job. It has to be one of the saddest movies I have ever seen.
On Sunday the boys burnt more piles of sticks and stacked heaps more up! (During the drought we cut heaps of willow branches down for the cows to eat, so now on the banks of the creek there are sticks everywhere!). We girls spent the morning crocheting (AGAIN!) then went S and R went horse riding and I went to help the boys at the creek and the boys accidentally bashed me with a log (which ended up with me having a rather sore arm!). After burning a few heaps of logs (S and R had joined us by this time) we were getting a bit hot so we walked a ways up the creek to our swimming hole. We only intended to stick our feet in to cool us down but some people were a bit hyper and so Sarah ended up getting pushed right into the creek by Dan (who was promptly thrown in to see how it felt, lol), it was all kind of funny but apparently it cold. We were very thankful for the fire we lit earlier.
We got back to the house and with wet legs, black coffee substitute, and amusing conversation it was time for our guests to leave much to our dismay. It was a weekend made out of the stuff of dreams, all in all it was wonderful!
Well next weekend my parents are leaving to go on their 20 wedding anniversary present cruise :). We have 10 days to have a great time with out our parents which will probably mean a few blog posts about our antics and all the fun stuff we do :D.
So till then!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Moving :D and other stuff...

Have you ever spent about 3 1/2 months moving and forget about the certain personal item that used to be your favorite then unpack a random box and find it sitting right at the bottom corner of a box and go "Oh I really like that! Why is it sitting at the bottom of the box???" That seems to be happening a lot around here of late. Today I hope my desk will get moved into my room, Yay! I really cant wait because I have about four boxes sitting at the end of my bed that have to go somewhere in my desk, one of which burst its side so I am trying my best not to have pens, pencils, note pads, drawing pads, random bits of paper, books and what ever else happens to be in that box going all over the floor.
The day before yesterday we set up our wardrobe so at least some of the moving mess can be stuffed into that. For about the last two months I have been living out of about three foot long by foot wide boxes of clothes, do you know how monotonous that can get? Wearing the same sets of clothes about a hundred times. I used to wonder how we could stand having soooo many clothes, but now I half understand, when you wear the same sets of clothes for a while.... You are very thankful when you can exchange one box of clothes for a different one.
School holidays start today, so no more textiles for about two weeks :(. Then after that I will only have another two-ish months till they are over completely, I am kinda sad because I really like going to classes. When you don't have anything major to distinguish one day from the next it sometimes is very hard to tell one day apart from the other.
Well anyway on a more cheerful note! We lit our first fire yesterday, no it wasn't because we were cold or anything, but it did help, it was because we have yet to move our gas bottles up here from our other house (we call the other house 'the hut') and we didn't have anything to cook on :).
It was very nice this morning to get up and have my coffee standing in front of a nice warm stove... hmmm bliss!
It is a very Autumny day today, all smoky (from where the national parks authorities are burning out the undergrowth in the parks) and with a bit of a chill in the air, the leaves are starting to turn so there is some very beautiful colours in the trees around the house. The bush looks just the same as if it had been a hot summer's day because it is are mainly gum trees which are ever-green (not that they were ever 'green' in the first place, they are more grey brown).
Well gotta go make a few beds and there is stuff to get moving.
So till next time I write!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Painting and getting ready to move

Yay finally we get to move into our wonderful house :). So ok, it wont be for about another week yet but we get to paint and plan and clean, I am just sooo happy I want to jump around and I really cant wait! It has been great just being back here and I am sure that I wont mind waiting till our rooms are painted and the carpets are cleaned and everything like that, but it will be just wonderful when we can actually get there and be living in OUR house.

We have lived away from our farm and house for almost two whole years now and I have no idea how we stood it. You really have to see our place to understand what I mean, and I don't mean just in pictures, you have to be here, standing right in our valley, seeing the green of the grass, the blue grey of the gum tress that are everywhere over the hills, the cows and calves, our awful old house (lol I am joking when I say awful!), to really know what I mean you have have to feel the freedom of standing in the middle of the paddock and knowing that if you yelled as loud as you could that no one would hear you and no one can see you, knowing that if you didn't go anywhere for a week you would see anyone other than your family that entire time. It must be hard to imagine for some of you who have never lived in complete seclusion in your whole life. Well actually that is pretty hard to imagine for me, to have never lived on a farm or in the country for my whole life. If I lived in a city I think I would go batty!

So enough of my random thoughts for now. We will be painting and cleaning all of today and
probably tomorrow (and who knows how long after that), then on Tuesday we are having the carpets cleaned, then after that we can move in! Yay I cant wait!
Will post more when I get the chance :).
Till next time my head gets so full of words that I have to write, lol, bye!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Busy days and we are moving again!

I have been very busy and I am sorry I have let all my faithful readers down by not writing much at all.
So many little things have happened it is hard to keep track of them or remember them all and some times they don't seem like anything at all. But I will try to think of something to ramble on about so you don't get bored :).

I watched Miss Potter... and...

I loved it! It was really sad but it was a wonderful story, Beatrix Potter should be a roll model for aspiring authors.

I have been crocheting. I got a book from the Library and I have been teaching my self some new stitches. Its coming onto winter so I have a bit of a crocheting bug so my fingers have been itching to get a project going :).
I have been reading a great deal over the last two months, although I havent had all that much time I have been reading book after book. I have been having the time of my life reading over my old favorites like the Love Comes Softly series and Beverly Lewis's The Courtship of Nellie Fisher, although I didnt like the last one much because I had left it about two years between the second book and the last one so I was a little out of touch with the story line... Right now I am reading Jane Eyre because I am participating in my friend, Cassie's, book club Literary Ladies Discussion Group.
Well I'll try write more another time.
Till then!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Long time no post.

I know! It seems like every time I get on here I am apologising for not posting. Well I guess I that is probably what I should be doing, because every other time I have been correct in that I haven't posted in like ages! But I wont because its pretty boring, lol.

Reading back over my blog. Ok so it may sound weird that I find what I write interesting, but sometimes it gets my thoughts going and I can write something else.

I think a few weeks ago I wrote about getting an interview, well the big day is tomorrow I will find out if I get the job or not. I'm excited. I'll try post again soon to tell if I got it or not.

I was just looking at the traffic coming in and out of my blog. I am very excited to see people from all over the world reading what I write :). I hope you like my blog. So hello from me to those people who are dropping by from Russia, Vietnam, Italy, Poland, Denmark, England, Canada, India, and all my wonderful followers and friends from the US of A, oops almost forgot my own country!!! If I have missed any countries please feel free to comment and let me know :).

Ok so my music is out a couple of months. I might have to fix that this afternoon. I am not sure what to put there in place of the Christmas songs but I'll have to have a look :).

Well to other news now. I guess that there hasn't been much of anything going on. Basically eating, sleeping, going to classes, chasing the milking cow every morning (lol), and swimming when there is a warm day, its getting a little cold but after a hot day its still nice.

Sorry I haven't got much interesting stuff to say, but like I said there isn't much going on though. Maybe there will be something of interest next time I post.
Till next time!