Monday, March 18, 2013


And hello world! I am back to haunt you. Hopefully with a little more style, wit and literacy skills than your average ghost!
And as my title suggests I am going to attempt a new look as well as some new subject matter.
I am going on a little adventure. Yes I have been dreaming of this event for a while now, as you all have probably figured out by my sudden love of pinterest, castles and foreign places!

Thanks to a friend who, when asked ''Can I carry your bags?'', said ''Yes!'' I will be on that plane departing Melbourne airport on July 1st. With me will be my sometimes lovely and some times annoying computer tablet. With which I hope to give all of you a running commentary of my travels.

My destinations are rather numerous, but to answer that question in a broad sense I am to be traveling to the....

and then to the United Kingdom



 (possibly) Wales

and then back to my home down under.

This blog post was supposed to appear a month or two ago, but was severely neglected in pursuit of planning, life, work and a rather bad case of procrastination. Now my hope is to update you all regularly as to my plans, mainly to allow me to develop the habit of blogging again because I have been told in no uncertain terms that I must keep my family, friends and colleagues abreast of any and every moment.

Now I must dash, as my fingers are just now realising that winter is hard on the heels of our just past summer!
I hope to get things better setup and working more smoothly soon.