Monday, January 10, 2011

Its a new day.

And apparently a new post ;).

Christmas has come and gone then the new year came with little fuss and no grandeur. But some small news gave more excitement and also sadness... My oldest sister is leaving our home, our community, our state and the country. She is moving to Sydney to be a nanny for a well off family in a rather rich suburb. I wont tell you which one just cos she mightn't want all of you knowing :). We will miss her quite a bit and I suspect that she will miss us a lot as well. It will be strange without my biggest sister around.

To those of you who miss my blog posts I am very sorry that I haven't been diligent with my blog, but I wont spend much time lamenting this fact or that will be the entire contents of this post.

Yesterday, in honor of Ayala moving away from us we decided to go for a bit of a tour of our area, it is commonly known that if you live somewhere you are the last ones to see the local attractions so we decided to make the move and see some of our local wonders!

We drove a lot. The most obvious direction was into the mountains, we have some magnificent mountains right here in our back yard (ok, so slight exaggeration, but still pretty close). The highest mountain in our large but small country is sitting some 100 kilometers away from us and we had never climbed it. Thankfully we didn't climb it yesterday, because that is one big hill! I think I would have gotten half way up and collapsed (or wanted to at least). Instead we drove, visited a few very small towns where their roofs are on a very strange angle for a very obvious reason.

(I would post photos but it takes soo long that I end up forgetting about the post and go and do something else).

*Insert a day break, I was procrastinating*

After Cabramurra we stopped at a Dam, I can not remember which one (they all have names but after seeing four or five of these dams you forget which name goes with which dam), for an hour or so to take photos and to basically just stand in awe of the hugeness of it. I am sitting here picturing it but I can imagine it would be hard for most of you as you have never seen my beautiful country and if you have I doubt that you can imagine standing on a great feat of human engineering, to one side thousands of tons of water stretching for kilometers through long narrow valleys covered in gum trees but so steep so that if you can imagine a huge V with it the bottom of which is filled with water and with scrubbery (bushes) and gum trees covering the rest, that is almost what it looks like. And to your other hand is a curved concrete drop 100 meters or so to a small pool at the bottom. It is truly a majestic sight!

We stopped at another dam on the way home, slightly smaller than the last and an earthen dam, instead of concrete. The Tooma Dam.

To end the day we drove up a dirt bush track for what seemed an age. To laugh at an overgrown 4x4 track called Cherry Tree Avenue. We finally turn onto a smaller 4x4 track that took us down to Bunroy Creek, a secluded lonely spot with great beauty, really in the middle of No-Where :). Dad and Dan did some fishing, my brother snagged his lure so he left it to my Dad to catch us dinner but he didn't catch anything. We went for a swim, well that is every one except me (I hadn't been feeling very well), I watched as they had swimming competitions across the fast flowing current.

We returned home very late, about 8 or 9 PM. All very driven out, my stomach never allows me much peace when we drive through the mountains! So I wasn't a very happy chappy by the time we got home.

And that concludes our escapades through the Snowy Mountains and around about!

I will include my latest projects next time I post.

Till then :).


Emii said...

Hey Katherine,
Ohh, I don't know what I'd do if anyone in my family moved away! Haha, I've heard that, about never seeing the sights if you live in the place:P
Sounds like a fun day:)Ooh, I would've collapsed climbing a big mountain, too:D

Katherine Alice said...

Hey Emii!
Yeah its probably going to be hard but I think we will ajust pretty quickly, although I think my sister might have a little more trouble than we will, as she has never lived in the city before.
Yeah it just seems that because we live here that we dont see the local sights, kinda silly.
Yeah, I am pretty sure we would have been very very tired when we got back. It isnt actually a 'Big mountain' its just the biggest in our country.