Saturday, February 19, 2011

Its raining, its pouring...

The old Pig is Snoring!
I walked out our front door the other day to find this.
She is not a very pretty specimen and she doesn't know about being tidy, but she does send us into fits of laughter every now and again.

There is no way better to sleep than half off the bed.

She was so very tired...
I think she thought I was the paparazzi or something, she was not happy about being photographed in the middle of her nap.
I was not kidding about the rain, it has been raining quite heavily here for quite a while, the last couple of weeks it has only left off for a day or so. We are dreading more flooding, not for our sakes because we don't get very affected by the rising waters as we are a long way away from any major rivers or creeks. But I do feel for the people who have farms on river flats. And anyone who lives in rising water range of a river.
I will fill you in on my trip to Sydney next time! Till then.

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