Monday, January 30, 2012

Hello !
Yes it has been quite a large section of time since I last wrote. For which I am guessing I should be saying how very sorry I am... But! My blog my rules ;).

At the moment my Christmas history is boring and filled with sickness stories and visiting. All I will say is that it was both calming and hysterical. And you can make what you wish from those bare bones I give you.

I listen to powerful music, most probably too loud for my poor eardrums, telling me to follow dreams no matter what. They assume you know what your dreams already are.

I am still writing, still drawing, still sewing, and to add to that I am still cutting weird shapes out of fabric and sewing them together to make something (although the last piece I showed to my was promptly called 'Interesting' and then 'Imaginative'... Yes I think they were long words for 'Ugly' or 'Weird'.). I plow on through the half hearted attempts of praise and plan to make something new today.

My darling Mother, has herself and yours truely booked to go to a large market sometime soon (I think Febuary), so I am crazily making things to sell.

Between times Mother and I have been milking cows at a dairy, every morning and every evening. Speaking of which, it is now time to leave.

So I bid you farewell!

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Kate Lynn said...

Hi Kathy, How I do miss you and your sisters! I am sorry we've been so out of touch. My life has never been quite so crazy before, and for reasons I care not to express concisely, for they do deserve the full credit of being explained thoroughly, I have deleted my facebook account. I love your posts...and am glad I found these last two only a week after you posted them ;). You inspire me to write on my "serving tales" blog again...and you also inspire me to write in a way that if you read it in a British accent it will be reminiscent of the English used in Jane Austen's most classic novels. Hope to speak with you soon.