Saturday, May 8, 2010

An award and a few bits of newsy moments :)

Ok so slightly random title :), I wanted something other than 'news'. Something a little more interesting, or random, whatever takes your fancy!

I have decided that I might need to take a more relaxed approach to this blog. As much as I love it and I would love to be able to keep up with posts like I used to, I don't really know if I have it in me anymore to make the posts interesting if I do one say every day. But anyway I think most people have figured out that I no longer post everyday. Anyway I thought I would make it official that I will post whenever I want to, lol now I go round in circles :).

Ok news... Well we are now entering the birthday season, Ayala (13th May), Dad (17th June, he is going to be 40! Wow GO Dad!!!), Me (18th June, Yay 16!!!), Mum (24th July), Sarah (17th September) and then Dan (26th September, wow my little brother is going to be 14!), in that order. Ayala, my vewy special-est oldest sis (yes that was all misspelled for a reason), the teacher of our family, is going to be 19 in 5 days time (an adult). You know when you are small you dream of becoming 14 and 16 and even 18 but then before you know it its upon you and you aren't even sure what to think... Next year A's is going to be 20. Big milestone there... (please don't mind me if I get teary/nostalgic here) I cant believe it was almost 5 years ago that she got her first job/trainee ship, its hard to believe that not 7 years ago we were taking play picnics down to the 'Valley' with just oranges and cheese and a packet of matches. Ayala was always the one with the matches, she collected the sticks while ordering us to go get dry grass :) always the one to give orders and do the 'important' things. Now she can vote, she can do things without our parents, she can legally be an 'adult' and take care of us 'children' lol! Happy Birthday and love ya sis!

I got awarded by Cassie, Thank you sooo much Cassie!

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog. Thank you Cassie (again)!

2. Copy the award and paste it to your blog. (tick!)

3. Tell us seven interesting facts about you.

4. Pass the award to around fifteen wonderful bloggers you've discovered. (Or as many as you can think of because I don't know if I can think of 15!)

5. Contact your nominations and let them know they've won.

Ok so here's my interesting things :)... Hmm let me think...
1. I love writing, I write about a lot of things, mostly about stuff that has happened to me (not very good at writing fiction).
2. I love reading, I read a lot of genres. But I'm not really into fantasy or sci-fi.
3. I pray a lot. About a lot of things, mostly stuff that's just between me and my Lord :).
4. I love being out doors on a warm sunny morning taking deep breaths of fresh, hilly, bushy air.
5. My favorite places are gully's, places where its green for most of the year, sometimes with a creek running down them, gum trees covering the sky making it darker almost like a rain forest, mossy logs and rocks and to walk through them you have to push your way through ferns :). Beautiful!
6. I am right now angry about people being mean to others who did nothing to deserve it.
7. I am thankful for wonderful friends, lovely siblings, the BEST parents and most of all my Savior.

I tag Joy, Sarah, Little Miss Sparrow, and Alaina.

Till next time I post!

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