Saturday, July 31, 2010


Ok so I know I haven't posted on here and I really need to give my self a good yelling at but I guess that I might just make it up to you guys by uploading lots of photos :).
I have a lot of photos to add seeing as though it has been a very interesting little while. So here they are! Enjoy!
First things first :). We have a few new babies! This is the newest of the new. Born on the 1st of July at roughly 6 AM, a beautiful baby girl. Who hasn't actually got a name yet even though she is a month old, lol!

Determined not to be the smallest of the pack, she decided it was now time to GROW. And as of yet she hasn't stopped :).

Not only did she grow in stature but also in personality! She has turned out to be a rather cheeky little rotter, although getting cuter by the day :).

Mmmm noms!

"Ayala! My noms weren't good enough. I'll just have to have Mums too!"

Did I mention that we had a 'few babies'? These are mine :). T bootiful lil bubbies, aww they is soo cute! It was soo funny, when we took these photos, they had just gotten out of their pen because we were trying to make it little pig proof (it wasn't working)! But they kept getting out and getting out. This one day we fixed the fence then came to get them and we chased them around and around the yard. We finally gave up and decided to try getting them with food instead. When we came back they had gotten so worn out they had decided to go for a nap, it was so cute cos they just flopped down and went to sleep :) awww.

Yeah well they couldn't stand to be the smallest either! So they grew(and grew, and grew and grew!)!
We took a trip to Melbourne :). In Federation Square we found this. We wondered what it was till we read the sign (lol). It was an art sculpture (yup I know!) it had tiny little solar panels on it and it was all wired up so that when the sun came out it would move as the sun moved across the sky. As it was only 9 AM and you can see the sun on those buildings over behind it, we planned on going back to see how it moved but we forgot. Anyway it was interesting.
Oh yeah this is a big TV screen, that they show important things on like the Soccer World Cup (lol) and elections and things. We weren't sure what they were showing on it at this particular moment, but it looked kinda boring and we had to keep moving because we had shopping to do and we were LATE! :)
Ok so we weren't so late that we couldn't get something to munch on :).

SBS building :). We tried going in but they hadn't opened and you needed to wait in this humongous line up so we decided against it :P.

The Yarra River. We were actually watching the rowers practice but anyway you really cant see them in this photo.
The City!
Dangerfield :O! Ok so you guys wont know what this means to me so I will tell you, in my course, I sent my project (a 50's style apron) off to my tutor and he sent it back to me and told me that 'it was very Dangerfield'. So we were sitting at a tram stop waiting for a tram staring blankly at the building across from us when I read the sign! I was soo excited, but there was a problem, there was a great road between me and that store :P. I don't know about you but when you are waiting for a tram and there is a busy Melbourne road between you and someplace you want to go and you had almost been run over by a group of crazy cyclists (because of our crazy less-than-street-wise sister) less than an hour before hand you think more than twice before crossing a busy Melbourne road just to look at a shop for two seconds before dashing back across that street, between cars, to catch a tram. Yeah you guessed it, I missed out because we never came back :'(.
BTW we were waiting for the tram when our crazy sister decided to be even more crazy and embarrassing and act like a tourist, which we were and probably obviously so, but we WERE trying to fit in a little, and take a picture of us. Both Sarah and I were trying hard to stop her, although I look happy I was getting annoyed and very embarrassed!
Oh and this is another thing I have been doing, it was a project that I did a long while ago, to my horrible brown chest of drawers :). Don't know if they look any better half painted but hey I gave it a try.

Well that is about it, hope you enjoyed my boring and also rather exciting account of my life over the past little while :)

Till next time I feel like entertaining you with my presence!


Cassie said...

I loved the pictures, Kathy! The chest of drawers is beautiful! Do you use a stencil for the designs?

(The baby animals are adorable!)

Sarah:) said...

Oh my goodness! Those photo's are pretty bad... Thanks Kath!