Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Funny Face.

"I love your funny face, your sunny funny face!"

Beautiful! I am in love with the red :).

So I'm doing a fashion blog post (my mum thought it would be a good idea). I thought Audrey Hepburn since she wore such beautiful clothes I would do one on her movie Funny Face (since I just watched it, lol).

I love this dress, it is just so beautifully light and I really have soft spot for sheer fabrics over a skirt or dress. I couldnt find a picture of the front of the front although I love the entire dress, well except that its strapless.
Ok so this is a little 50's but I still like it :), if you put it into colours and and removed the chiffon over the top it would almost be a fashion today.

I love this one, its soo simple!


Anonymous said...

I love the second one:)it really pretty.
God Bless

Anonymous said...

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God Bless


Elizabeth said...

i know! i love the pokadoted one! i like the gloves it totaly gos with the dress
(lots of love)
miz. P