Saturday, March 19, 2011


Here I was, just sitting down to get to some home work, a boring piece about Australian Standards and other great aspects of design. Happy, in my own little world, I had just had some great ideas for my project, I had just read a blog post about someone who went to Thailand to work at an orphanage, it touched me and it got me thinking that maybe I should be thinking about doing something. But I realised that I first needed to do my homework. I opened another Internet browser, our home page is the ABC News website.
The headline...

State of Emergency
Gunmen on rooftops have shot dead dozens of protesters at an anti-government rally in Sanaa after Muslim prayers, enraging the opposition.
Bloody clashes spark Yemen emergency.
The picture. A young man, who couldn't be more than 20, wounded and being carried. Blood all over his face. Eyes half open and vacantly staring at something above him. An arm raised as if his dying breath will still be to over throw his government. While the article goes on about the president and the country all I can do is stare at that face.
I am sorry if I have shocked anyone, I guess I just needed to say something. I cant say that I have a great sermon about this... this... moment. I feel confused and I guess shocked, saddened. And here I sit with my safe, secure and simple life.
If you want to read it for your self, here.
And you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars....

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