Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Busy things and thoughts

Well my parents are home :) yay! They had a great time on their holiday. If you want to read a more in depth story my Mum started a blog just before she left so she wrote some stuff about what they did and ate.
I've been pretty busy, courses and house work and stuff. Tomorrow we leave to go house sitting. So another whole week without Mum and Dad, although I think if we get homesick Mum and Dad might come and visit which wont be so bad :).
Mum and Dad took heaps of photos of the ship and things that they did :) I cant really write much else or upload too many photos as I don't have much time before we have to leave for my class. So I'll just share a few of my favorites with you :). Enjoy!
My beautiful parents! Formal night.
Mum found a piano! :D But she didnt play anything :(...
A random toadstool.

My handsome wonderful Daddy.
Love ya's, Mum and Dad!

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