Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Tag (an undate will follow very soon)

While listening to EPIC music, lol :). Thanks Joy you have great taste in music.
Random Tag from Cassie
1. How many toes do you have? A very normal amount :D

2. How many bones have you broken? None, that I know of.

3. Name an epic thing that you have done. Epic??? hmm well... Ahh got it :). Galloping through the bush on my pony along a winding track, wind rushing past your face, feeling very much like you were flying, dodging big logs and ducking for low branches, great fun ;).

4. If you had a pet lemming, what would you name him? Lemo :D

5. What color are the clothes you're wearing right now? Light pinky-purpley flanelette P.J's :)

6. How awesome are orca whales on a scale of one to ten? Well according to a little boy I know, out of 10 Orca's are 50 :). But for me they are about 5.

8. How old do you want to be when you die? How ever old God wants me to be.

9. Name a pet peeve and an addiction. Pet peeve, my brother has just developed the habit of coming (running) up behind me and shoving me right between the shoulder blades, knocking all the breath out of me and causing quite a lot of pain.
Addiction... Hmm does listening to great music count? Probably exercise, I am a tiny bit like Cassie when I dont go for a walk or a run at least once a day I go crazy, not hyper I just get restless and I cant stop moving.

10. Write a paragraph detailing your life. 100 word minimum. Well I was born the day after my Dad's birthday and my grandmother loves to tell the story that they had come up for Dad's birthday and the next day had to come up in the rain to see me, apparently I looked just like a tiny porcelain doll lying in my Dad's big hands. When I was two I put my self back in hospital because while my mother was making soap I ate some of the costic soda, it burnt my throat and for the next 12 years I had trouble swallowing. My childhood years were eventful, full of mishaps and mayhem. We lived on a tiny block of land in basically the middle of nowhere (ie. the bush) till I was 5 then we moved to our first farm, a beautiful little valley all of our own also in the middle of nowhere but we didn't really mind :). I spent the next 8 years growing up, exploring rocks and bush land, the little nooks and crannies of a beautiful place, doing school work, horse riding, and meeting the odd family here and there and finding a few very great friends, most important of all my Lord and Savior. After 8 years we moved again to share farm another property because of financial troubles. But after 18 months we were back at our own farm and it is wonderful. (229 words)

11. Name one thing that isn't really a secret, but that you haven't really gotten around to telling anyone. That I cant wait to be 16 :D.

12. Name another pet peeve. Cant think of one...

13. Sprechen Sie deutsch? Roughly translated that says "Do you speak German?" ;) My sister learning German came in handy, lol.

14. Tell a joke. My two favorite would have to be these; If a plane crashed on the exact border of Canada and the USA where would you bury the survivors?
David's Father has three sons, Snap, Crackle and who?

15. How many of the questions have you answered in a witty manner so far? Hmm dunno...

16. Compose a haiku. I am not even sure what that is...

17. Have you ever noticed how sour candies taste even more sour if you rub them on the side of your tongue?Yes! It makes me shudder just to think about it.

18. What book(s) are you reading at the moment?
The Holy Bible (always)
Design and Technology unit 1 (course)
And I think that is it... Kinda between books right now.

19. How many doors are there in your house? 9 I think...

20. How would you solve a problem like Maria? Sing the song :)

21. Think of something about yourself. Anything. Go on, think of it. going home today, YAY!!!

22. What's wrong with your legs? Nothing really, my foot hurts though because I stepped on a prickle a few days again and I just banged it.

24. What's your favorite show tune? Do theme songs count??? The last of the Mohicans theme and Man From Snowy River theme

25. Okay, you can tell us what that first thing you thought of for number 21 was. We all want to know... That after finish this I am going to have a shower.

And I tag, Anyone who either:
#1 Loves the country :)
#2 Has held a live wombat.
#3 Sews


Cassie said...

I loved reading all of your answers, Kathy! Wow, it has felt like so long since we've talked... I quite miss you, dear friend!

Love you and Gruss Gott!

Kate Lynn said...

Very interesting read, Kathy! And a Haiku is a Japanese form of writing which has 17 syllables and three lines. In the order of 5, 7, and a writer I thought you'd enjoy knowing that! I remembered all except for what order the lines were: so I used Google of course! :D