Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thoughts on a beautiful week...

Well My parents have been gone for exactly 9 days now... They get back tomorrow.
I am sorry that I havent written sooner, I had expected that I would have because there would have been all this really great stuff going on and I would have had heaps of time to write so that is probably what I would have done...
But the thing is that we were really busy almost all of the 9 days and when we werent busy I didnt really feel like writing so I guess that means that today's the day :).
Ok so I guess I'll start from the start :)...
My grandma came up on the Thursday to be here when my parents left.
Friday morning we took them to the airport and watched as their plane flew off into the morning sky, bright sunshine made my eyes water, ok ok (!) yes I was sad that they had left but I didnt cry, lol :).
We came home and I think that first day it didnt really sink in that they had actually left. It was just like they were going to come home after a little while, it didnt seem real. Friday night it kinda sunk in that they were gone and even though no one was talking about it, eveyone felt it.
Saturday was hard. We had the farmer's market so we were busy and it half kept our minds off it, but not really. After the market we left for our other grnadparents house. We stayed there for Easter weekend, we got to see our cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. It was really good in that aspect but it was hard because it was weird without Mum and Dad.
Monday we got bought back to our house, which was a great releif for all I think. Monday we cleaned the house, mostly for lack of things to do. Tuesday, we didnt do very much, Ayala had a little boy out who she was babysitting for the day.
Wednesday we picked up our neighbor, because although Ayala and Sarah can drive the need someone with a full licence to drive next to, and went into town for the morning to get milk and a few vegetables.
Thursday we cleaned for the morning before our visitors arrived. They came at about 1 PM and later that afternoon we took a drive to the Bluff Falls, which is a small but very beautiful water fall. After a spot of bush walking, we got home and after having dinner talked into the late hours of the night (not quite morning:). Friday we went into town for the Man from Snowy River Bush Festival. My sister and my horse were in the parade as part of the school :). We walked among all the stalls and watched buskers play their stuff, some of them were really great. We dont get buskers in our little town very often. After a very Aussie day at the festival we had pizza and watched Crocodile Dundee, and again talked :).
Saturday we went into town again, after a coffee our visitors had to leave for the big city and we were left to wander the stall filled streets with a friend, We watched some of the horse events and my brother and our friend rode a few rides and got very dizzy. We were joined by another friend and more wandering from stall to stall... It started to rain mid afternoon, but held off for another two hours then at about 4 PM it rained! Our little party of six broke up then as one of our friends had to go home. We sat in a cafe watching the rain and waiting for our lift home. It was great to get home after such a long day. The Man from Snowy River seemed to be the appropriate choice of movies.
Our 10 days are almost up... We have one day. A chilly, windy, rainy day... That deserves Clasical music, a wood fire, hot chocolate and a good book, possibly a nap :).
Well next Wednesday, my sisters and I will be house sitting. We have two days with our parents till we leave. It seems like a week will take forever! I will most proabably write to you from there :).
Till next time!

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