Tuesday, June 22, 2010

News, rather large news :).

Ok so lots has happened since I last posted. Now all I have to do is remember all that has happened in the right order :).
Well first things first, school is almost out forever for me :( I am slightly sad because this will mean leaving all the nice girls in my class and my wonderful teacher who has been so very helpful this semester. I have learnt quite a lot from this class and am very glad I decided to do it.
Although I finished half my course just a couple of weeks ago I haven't 'finished' it completely yet. I just received the next book, unit 2 of Design and Tech. I will be working as a team this semester with three other girls who are doing distance education as well. I am looking forward to it though I am not sure if it will be harder or easier to complete than Unit 1, when I was doing it alone. I think it will be easier to do because there are three other girls who I have to work with and keep up to, so it will give me some idea of where I am supposed to be in my work. But I think it will be harder because I AM working with three other girls whom I have never met and don't know how they work. I am also worried about keeping in contact and the skill level of the two girls that I have talked to, I haven't really got in contact with the third girl.

Ok so the next big news is that I turned 16 :) I am rather excited about this. Although it is scary at the same time. I am now almost considered an adult in our society, a lot of 16 year olds have jobs and have got their Learner driver's permit (or their L's). I guess that means I am half way, lol :) I passed the test for my "L's" yesterday. I am very excited although petrified at the same time, I have driven a car (both manual and automatic) many times before, around the farm and very, very short distance on a road but... I am still scared.
Well that isn't all the news but I have a lot of studying to do and I kinda need to get back to it.
Till next time I post!!!


Katherine Sophia said...

I like your blog's new look! And Happy Birthday! (even if it's late) :)

Katherine Alice said...

Thanks for both Katherine! :)