Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Farm Day, Melbourne and updates.

Hey all!
I wish I could give you photos but we didnt get any :P. Ok I guess I had better start by telling you all what on earth I am talking about, right?
Well Farm Day.... Was started by a farmers wife who came from the city and thought that city people needed to know what farming was all about. So she made up this thing where you contact them and say "I want to be part of Farm Day." and then answer some questions about your self and your family and then they will pair you up with a family from the city who will come to visit, then you show the city people around your farm so they know what you are talking about and get them to expeirience a day/weekend living on a farm doing all sorts of farmy things. I have heard that some people are really mean to their city families and get them to do all the hard and horrid jobs, but we dont do that :).
We took our city family (of six, would you believe?!) around our farm and showed them a calf and some of the sights of our farm, we got the dad to pick up a calf :) that was kinda funny. We had heaps of stuff planned to do but the entire weekend there were only a few times that it wasnt raining so we stayed inside mostly and talked :). We took them for walks around our farm and up into the bush.
The second day they were here we took them out to the Cudgewa Bluff Falls, about 20 minutes drive away but in reality only just over a hill from our house only that isnt where the road goes :P.
I think they really enjoyed their stay here. And we made new friends, it is amazing how much you get to know another family by just sitting around and talking with them for the entire weekend :).
Other news... Well I finished Unit 1 of Design and Tech my course yesterday, something that I am really happy about! I will be starting unit 2 very soon, although I am not sure when. Class finishes the week after next, I'm kinda sad because I have really enjoyed going to school and getting to know the girls in my class. I think I'm gunna miss them :(. But then I guess after this my life will change again.
I also found a music teacher yesterday so I am very happy about this also, as many of you know I have been wanting/waiting/praying for a music teacher for a long time.
And... Last Friday Ayala, my oldest sister, had a conference in Melbourne so we all had a City day! :) We do not go to the city much so it is a very big thing when we do. As it is a 5 hour drive down to the big city it usually has to be at least a two day trip so we drove down on Thursday night and stayed with my great aunt for the night then the next morning navigated through the city to get to where my sister had to be then the rest of my family and I went and spent a rather cold morning at the Queen Victoria Markets. It was rather amazing for us as we kids had never been before, although we had been to things very like it. There were rows and rows of stalls selling all sorts of things. The part that I enjoyed most was the food part of the market, walking through the meat markets, seeing all the exotic things that we don't get very often way out here in the sticks. We got a lovely lunch from the food market. Then after some more walking around we drove to a shopping centre near where my sister's conference was and just wandered around, in and out of shops, it wasn't much different to Albury and it wasn't quite as exciting as last time we were down there and we went to Chadstone shopping centre. But it was a great day although by the time it was over we all couldn't wait until we could get out of the city and back to our quiet little farm way out in the middle of no where. We got back around 12 Friday night. It was rather tiring but we had lots of fun :).
Well gotta sign out now and go and really start my day! Till next time I write!

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