Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hey and all that...

Well its Saturday morning and I am sooooo tired! But the tiredness is starting to wear off now that I am drinking my coffee, lumb (laugh under my breath) because I am to tired to lol.
I have finally found some time to sit down and write! Now I have no idea what to write about :P.
I'll have to be going down the poddies soon so this may not be a long post.
Harvest is now in full swing. I think the bale count is almost to 1000, but am not sure. We still have quite a few paddocks to cut, rake, bale and wrap yet. I should have been taking photos but I haven't really been out in the paddock much, I expect it to be out there more now because when you start to move the bales they get holes in the plastic wrap and my Mum and I are going to be chief bale patchers. I actually like the job (except on hot days). Your only tools are a knife and lots of rolls of duct tape = fun!!! The trick is to start patching as soon as the start guys bring in the bales in so you can keep up to them. It can get to be a pain when you leave it till the guys have piled up all the bales then you have to get between the bales and if they are stacked a few high it gets dangerous to climb on them. That is the job I get my tan for the summer on, lol!
Well I really must scat, I have about 30 calves to feed this morning and its going to be all done by little old me.

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