Saturday, October 31, 2009

The days I havent posted

Ok, so I guess I have a little explaining to do why I havent posted in ages... Well mostly its been because I have been pretty busy and thanks to a tiny little thing called 'writer's block'. I dont remember a lot of the stuff that has happened since I last posted, so I guess I will start with Yesterday and see where I go from there :).

Yesterday... Hmmm well we went back to Cudgewa to get a beast to kill for our meat, I think the butcher is coming out tomorrow but I'm not sure. Anyway when we got there I found out that we would be spending the day there getting cows in, sorting all the older calves out of the herd to sell them. I didnt think we would be there all day so I forgot to take a hat. It was a really hot day yesterday, it got upto 35 C although it felt more out side under the sun running around cows, in other words I got sunburned on my face and arms *ouch*. Later in the afternoon the stock agent came out to have a look at the calves we had sorted, they were pretty good calves, they had been left alone for about a year on lots of grass and some were still on their mothers and the others were calves we raised from poddies, so they were nicely fat, lol some of them were pretty cute :) (sorry no pics, I didnt take the camera). While we waited for the agent to get there (he is pretty well known for being at least an hour late) we sat around in the old dairy and talked about the idea of turning it back into a dairy. Its a dream but you never know it might come true one day :).

Last Friday Ayala finally convinced me to go to work with her. It was fun but I don't think I am quite cut out to be a teacher's aide, lol. I do have some photos of that but I'm not going to up load them right now. I'll try to remember for my next post.

Sarah gets back from the Gold Coast this afternoon. She left on Wednesday last week so she has been gone 6 days. Its been a little weird not having her here, it will be great to have her back.

Well I think that is just about all the news for now. I'll try to post soon.


Cassie said...

I love your new profile picture, Kathy!
I found out who sent me my mug. It was my godmother so I sent her a thank you email.
=D Thank you for the writing encouragement! I'm at 19,000 words now and I too cannot believe how much I am getting written. That's Okay, I know that you are busy. I have been too! LOL!
When I finish editing the novel I'm writing I'm hoping that you will agree to be one of my proof readers. =D
I won't tell my mom about the soap and I look forward to hearing back from you and getting you letter! (No rush, by the way. I'm slightly too busy to write back right now anyway.)

Katherine Alice said...

hey Cassie,
I would love to be one of your proof readers! I dont know that I am very good at it as I have never done it before, lol, but I'll try :)
Gruss Gott