Monday, November 30, 2009

No Internet

So if you had that thought that I might have gone on an unexplained holiday from posting again you would have been wrong :). It was just that the Internet thought it was working too hard and went on strike.

So anway this month, while everyone has been typing their little fingers off with NaNoWriMo I have been helping around the farm, cleaning, cooking, running here and there on the motor bike taking things to and from my Dad (who is usually on the tractor), swimming, having fun with friends and writing some :) so over all a pretty good month.

Today is SUMMER!


Its crazy, it seems like yesterday that we were slugging through mud in the middle of winter (well with a little rain it seems like it has gone back to being winter because its cold and there is mud everywhere again :P).

25 days till Christmas... Oh boy... Hmmm... Christmas sometimes ends in the car, driving home from your grandparents place/s and you are tired and all you want to do is be at home and sleep. You seat is covered with the presents you received. Your siblings are falling asleep around you. Its the only moment you have gotten to be half alone all day. You are dressed in a pretty summer dress, probably that your grandmother got you, something that you LOVE but will probably never wear again, you hair is done nice but its kinda coming out because its been there all day. Lol ok just a random thought :).
Till Next time!

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