Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sorry :P

So I haven't been very good at writing... It seems that every time I get to write a post something happens then I either get kicked of the computer or I forget or I have something else to do, anyway posting is a the bottom of the priority list right now. Maybe I will get more time in the next few weeks because this morning I got rid of all the calves that need feeding milk and I only have one! Yay, its great!

Kurt has been coming out every weekend now and he really is becoming a part of the furniture now :). A friend of us girls came out this weekend for a girly weekend and we ended up spending all the time watching movies and generally relaxing, lol :). We are getting ready because we heard a rumor that our Grandpa is making his yearly visits around this time. And now in a couple of weeks its Christmas! Wow, where did this year go?!

My sister Sarah and I had a stall at the farmers market this past Saturday, we stayed up till midnight cooking the night before and we made heaps of cakes, biscuits, and cupcakes. We were thoroughly sick of chocolate and cakes before the night was over. And with all the stress and a few half nights of sleep I got what my parents think was a very mild case of the shingles. Anyway we had fun and had a good day, we made about $30 which isn't really that much when you look at all the time and money that went into it... Oh well we have 13 more farmers markets to do in the next year, so we have to keep going on for now :).

I would upload some photos that my Mum took of my sister and I cooking but I think Ayala has her camera at work so, hmmm....

Well gotta go
God Bless all this Christmas!!


Cassie said...

Sounds like you've had fun, Kathy! Isn't it wonderful how Christmas is coming? It sort of sneaked up on me too because I was busy all Nov. with NaNo.

Your friend,

Katherine Alice said...

Wow I actually have a comment! YAY! :) lol!

Yes it has been a fun time but also sad and hard at the same time...
Yeah I guess its pretty good having Christmas coming on. Its gunna be hectic this year because we have to fit 3 Christmas parties in about a week (one isnt exactly a 'Christmas party', its my Pop's birthday on New Years :)!
God Bless Cassie! I am actually finally writing you letter but its coming along slowly but I will finish it before Christmas, I promise!

Cassie said...

No rush, Kathy. I've been busy with life. I can't afford to buy a bunch of Christmas presents this year so I'm making everything... and that takes time. Lots of time. LOL!

I look forward to reading your letter, but, like I said, take your time.

Gruss Gott!