Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fire De-briefing party, Christmas Eve, and tomorrow is Christmas!!!

Ok I think I may have mentioned on Facebook that we went to a de-briefing party on Wednessday night. Basicaly it was a barbeque with lots of people I didnt know talking about their expieriences in the fire. There were some people from the country fire authority (CFA) and some people from the rural lands protection board and some from the department of primary industries (DPI), and SOME from Red Cross. We got told all about the loans you can get if you had damages to your property or house, and the money that the Government is giving out. We got heaps of pamflets and papers. And we talked to a Red Cross lady, who (bless her heart, lol) told us all about how there is going to be stress about the fire and that if we feel a bit depressed that we should talk to our friends and let all our frustrations out on Facebook. I just kept smiling and thinking "Stress from this? You have got to be kidding! The stress of every day life is bad enough, the fire was just a bit of fun and excitment for a day!" I mean, yeah its hard to see all the damages and hear of all the devestation others have gone through but right now I am so tired of hearing "oh I am sooo sorry about the fires, are you guys ok?" I am so tired of talking about the fires and hearing about them. I am sorry if I sound angry but I am frustrated about it all and I am sick of people being pathetic, one person was in tears because she thought I was in a bit of shock (by the way I was just a bit bored and wanted to be alone).


Cassie said...

LOL! Kathy, it sounds truly frustrating! Wish I could help you out, dear, so I'll pray for patience. :D

Merry Christmas, Friend!


P.S. Did you get your Christmas box from me yet?

Kate Lynn said...

Hey! I'm not trying to be sympathetic or anything...just saying that oddly I know what you mean! But we all have different ways of handling things...oddly when my brothers houseburned down last year...i thought it was quite exciting too! But no one got hurt, and that made it good.

Katherine Sophia said...

Hi! I just saw your comment on another blog and thought it was funny to find a name similar to mine. (Although my blog name isn't *really* mine.) =] Anyway.
I've always thought Australia was cool... is it? (except for fires?)

Cassie said...

Just so you know, I just posted the membership form for the book club HERE

What do you think of having something by Jane Austen as the first book?

Tessa said...

Hey I saw that you signed up to be in Cassie's Book Club and was just swinging by to see who else will be discussing. Do you like it in Australia? I think it would be SO cool to go there! The closest I ever got was when we Skyped a missionary from there during VBS one year! LOL

Katherine Alice said...

Hey all, sorry havent been to good at replying to comments :P.
Thanks Kate, I was just being silly and dramatic that day, lol, and a bit stressed too I guess.
I was going to do the same thing Tessa, just havent had the time yet :). Yeah Australia is great, I love it. It is pretty cool to live here except that I get asked that question heaps :), not that I mind!
Yeah well the closest thing I have come to being in America is skyping too, lol and it was a missionary family that I was talking to. What a coinsedence!
God Bless All