Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So this was my Christmas

Ok so I have been trying to write this post for almost 2 weeks now! Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry! I have been busy... Hold it! That isn't exactly the truth. I haven't been able to write, I guess writers block set in and wont go away.

So here goes back a few days when I actually got something written! WOW!

A little late I know. But I couldn't really help it, so much has happened since that day.

Ok I guess I will start with Christmas Eve. We had planned to go and use our movie vouchers that we got last Christmas before they expired. We all got ready and got everything done early and set out. It wasn't far down the road that the car started slowing and soon we were sitting on 80 kph (which is about 40 mph) and then stalled, I don't know much about cars but automatics are pretty hard to stall, and apparently it takes more than bad driving to do so.

Anyway we never got to the movies. We had a rest day instead, well all except Dad who was working really hard to get the car going again before our long drive the next day to our Grandparents place. The car wasn't going to work so Pop drove up and took us down and also dropped our present off :) it was a barbecue!!! We had one but it was about ready for the junk yard.

It was a pretty good day, we got to see all our cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents. There were a few down points of the day, like I had a pretty bad headache and that every time I turned around one of my cousins were talking about what "Santa had got her". I'm sorry to offend any one but I hate 'Santa'. I mean how could parents lie to their kids like that! And how are the kids going to feel when they find out that 'Santa' was just a big lie their parents had fed them? I don't know about you but I would never trust my parents again, I would constantly be asking my self "what else are they lying about?".

Ok enough about the bad side of my day :P. A good point! My aunts and uncles finally figured out that me and my sisters don't want skimpy little dresses but real things, like things for our glory boxes and finally someone found out that I want to write, not play with make up, and gave me a heap of folders and pens and note books :D.

On Saturday we rested. How come life is sooo tiring?!?!

Sunday we went back to Cudgewa and visited our friends. What a wonderful day! We didn't have to be dressed up we just went as we were and got to play games and have real fun, while our parents talked.

Sunday was also the day when my Dad got a text from our boss. They had a disagreement and Dad told our boss that he has 4 weeks to find another person to milk because we were leaving. The last year has been a real struggle to live here, we don't have enough money at any one time and our boss hasn't been very nice and one thing led to another and that text was the straw that broke the camels back... So anyway we have been frantically packing and moving boxes as fast and as much as we can.

And during this time we found time to lend a helping hand to our neighbors just over the hill who got almost completely burnt out by the fires. They have no feed for their cattle so they are having to agist their cattle out to farmers. At our old farm we have about 50 cattle on a lot of land with a lot of feed, so we offered for them to put some of their cattle on our property. Some of the cattle were burnt, it was horrible to see. One funny thing was though, when the cattle got off the truck their heads went straight to the ground the eat, they hadn't eaten well for about two weeks and they looked very content.

There has been so much else going on around here but I don't have to time right now to say everything. I will try get the photos of the fires up soon, I tried today but for some strange reason the storage card that they are on wont work. Ahh the joys of technology


Denise said...

how funny! What's your favorite book? I really like the Eragon books...

Katherine Alice said...

Well I'm not really into fantasy and stuff. I like books like by Jane Austen. I think my favorite series is The Mark Of the Lion seires by Francine Rivers.
I love Brock and Bodie Thoene's books!