Monday, January 25, 2010

an apology and another update, sorry couldnt think of anything else to call it.

I feel I owe my readers an apology. The last few times I've posted I haven't exactly been in the best state of mind. I'm usually a bit grumpy or tired or something, and today as I read over some of the stuff I wrote, I know that I shouldn't have written some of it as it wasn't very nice and it definitely wasn't God honoring. I'm sorry.

6 days to go! Yay! I am very happy :). I really cant wait to get back home. We still have quite a bit of stuff to move back there, but we are getting there, its like we have seen the light at then end of the tunnel.
Our house is getting barer by the day. But there is a problem with that, like I packed something that I was supposed to send to my friends. Then our medical cupboard was packed, and of course I had an accident and we struggled to find band aids. And another thing, sometimes when I get bored I get this weird urge to do school work, this is mostly on weekends and school holidays (ie. now) and it was about two weeks ago that I packed up every last inch of school book and we took it all back to Cudgewa! Some times it gets frustrating when you cant find things and some one else goes "uh I packed that".
Oh well I guess we will live :).
Got to go
Till next time!

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Tessa/Lorenias said...

haha! That is quite annoying!