Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh Romeo, Romeo. Where for art thou Romeo?

Yup I have finally fulfilled my ambition to read Romeo and Juliet, lol! My sister was given the complete works of William Shakespeare for a Christmas present, since she also got the complete works of The Bronte sisters, I asked her if I could read Romeo and Juliet before she read the whole lot :). She was more than happy to hand it over, Ayala isn't a fan of Shakespeare and more to the point, hates Romeo and Juliet. She and Sarah always told me not to read it 'because its so boring and stupid anyway!' so I hadn't gotten around to getting it from the library yet. I'm not sure if I like it or not.... I don't like the story. But I love the wording. The way the characters speak, the way that Shakespeare put some comedy into the worlds greatest love story. I couldn't sit down and read the whole lot of it from cover to cover in one sitting, I think my head would explode! There is such a difference in how they speak to how we speak now. They speak with their Thees and Thous and arts. I think I want to start on The Taming of the Shrew next :). But I have to finish Janette Oke first.

Anyways normal news coming right up! I'm sorry I haven't put any photos up yet I always seem to forget or last time I tried the memory card wouldn't work and now I don't know where it is!!!
Grandma is up. And we are still moving. My Dad might have almost fixed our car now. So as soon as he finds out what is wrong with it we will be making our daily trips back to our place again. We have moved heaps of stuff already but we still have heaps to go. That's actually why my Grandma is here, she is really great at getting us cleaning and she is great to have around when you are moving because she is always getting us going with the next thing to pack :). The 31 seems to be coming around real fast.

BTW Who has had a fun time writing the date?! 5/1/10 :) I tried to get my Dad all muddled today by saying "O-10" but he didn't fall for it. I have had a time trying to stop my self writing 09 on the end of the date. I seems to have trouble getting my head around the date for the first month of a new year.

Well I gotta go, things to do, books to read, stuff to pack!
TTYL all!!!! And have a wonderful NEW YEAR!

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