Saturday, January 16, 2010


So news.

Still moving... That will be happening for another 2 weeks yet :P. But I am glad it is coming to an end. I wont babble on about that much more because you have heard quite a bit about it of late.

Farmers market is on Saturday. My sister and I have decided that we arent going to do a food stall this time. Because of our wonderful state of moving we wont have much time to plan and cook for the whole stall so we might as well not even try. But, yes there is always a 'but', we have decided to pick blackberries for it instead :). Ahh I love this time of year, just because we get to get out of doors and usually down the paddock a ways to stuff our faces and containers full of the juicy black fruit. *Screech*!!!! Ok, back to reality! We get to get out of our nice cool house into the 40 degrees celcius heat and prick our fingers with the thorns and stain our nails and mouths with purple juice, not to mention any light coloured clothing you might be wearing, for a few measly berries. :) Just kidding, I do really like picking them but it can get tiresome when you are out there all by ones self for a number of hours.

About a week ago I got landed with the job of moving sprinklers again, it wouldnt be so bad except this year I dont have the nice option of riding a four wheeled motorised veichle, I have to do it on foot, most times I can get a sympathetic sibling to help me out but sometimes I have to do it on my own. Our boss thinks its a great job for a couple of kids to do because you get to stand under sprinklers getting sprayed with cold water. What he doesnt know is that unless you want to be sprayed with cold stinky dam water you have to move them while the pump is off... which means you are walking roughly 2 kilometers dragging sprinklers and their pipes through shin length dry grass in high 30 degree heats. I dont think he has ever done it.

Oh and right now our country gets the wonderful privalige of hosting Prince William.

Well gotta go. Till Next time I find something to blog about :).

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Cassie said...

You've been busy, dearest Kathy, I can tell. =D

When and where are you moving to?