Wednesday, January 27, 2010

4 days and some news

So four days to go... Yay! Have you ever realised how long and short four days can be??? Four long days till we move and 4 short days till I start school.

We almost have all our stuff moved now, it wont be long before I wont be able to post because the computer is one of the next things to go. So I figure that I had better get one or two last posts in before we dont have a computer or Internet. I am not sure we will have Intenet at Cudgewa. I know that there is Internet at the house but our friends havent moved out yet so... yeah.

I dont know how much time I will have to get on a computer either because I'm taking some classes at the school this year. Starting Monday. Its kinda scary, because being home schooled I have no idea how school works, I hardly know any body, and I have never been in a class situation. I guess I'll live and it probably wont be so bad when I get there.

Today we were supposed to have an ordit for the dairy. An ordit is when the milk company sends some one out to check how clean our dairy is and how good all the paper work is, just things like that so we have been cleaning a lot. I spent my morning on the end of a shovel and broom cleaning under our silo. I now have blisters on my hands and I suspect I will have very sore shoulders and back tonight and tomorrow. And then after all that cleaning and effort everyone put in, it got called off. For what reason I have got no idea. But at least the dairy is as clean as a whistle for the man who is going to take over from us.

Well I really need to go, I guess the rest of the day will be something of cleaning and packing :). We moved our horses back to Cudgewa yesterday, so it now actually feels like we are moving, for some reason it didnt before. It almost feels like it isnt true, that we are actually getting out of here. We are getting things ready for the next sharefarmers and in just 4 short days we wont have to look after this farm anymore.
Anyway I am rambling :).
Till next time, I hope everyone has a great day!

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