Monday, February 8, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!!!!

Ok so I am run off my feet with all this stuff going on but.... oh the big B word!... lol ok so I still find time to be completely random :D! Yeah anyways 'but', I also don't have Internet or a computer to work on so I am completely stuck, the only times I get to use a computer and Internet is when I am at the Library, usually Monday's.
Let me start telling you about my week. My first day at school was so terrifying it wasn't even close to funny. But thankfully after the first two or three lessons I am getting used to it. I am learning a lot of new stuff, which I am very happy about, and I might be entering something into the Fashion Awards Australia which I am just a little bit ecstatic about :D. Over all class is great, I really enjoy being able to learn something that I will be able to do from home. My mum would really like my sisters and I to learn things that would be useful around the home and even sometimes to be able to sell the things we make.
One thing that I miss about being busy is that it limits my time. And I really miss talking to my friends and keeping up the good friendships I have with all of you guys. So please don't think I am being horrible if I don't talk to you much or take a while to answer your emails.
Another thing that is going on in my life is that I applied for a job. I didn't tell very many people because I didn't know if I would get it or not. Anyway I have been asked for an interview! Obviously I am excited :). But if I get the job its going to limit my time even further so I may not have much time to write here. So if I suddenly disappear off of the blog sphere for a number of days or weeks you should know why :).
Well I really need to go.
Till next time!

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