Monday, February 1, 2010

Hey and all that

So I started school today. Scary!!! It was a bit stuffed up to start with because the someone hadn't enrolled me in the class. So I missed half of my class waiting around for the right people and paper work to show up. Anyway it all got worked out and I got to 'learn' how to thread a sewing machine, something I could do with my eyes shut (almost)! But I got paired up with a girl who didn't know so it was good to be able to help her.
There was a problem with me being in a class though. All the other times I have been in classes I have been helping little kids with their work. But now I am the one that has to learn so I sit there thinking that I should be helping the teacher with everything when I am not supposed to. Its kinda weird!

We have officially moved! YAY! I am so happy. We spent both Saturday and Sunday moving stuff and cleaning and sorting. All of which took a lot of effort. It is all very crowded but we will probably live :). We moved in a day early so we have been in the hut for two days. The hut is very small but its really cosy and its HOME! Which of course is all that matters. :)
One down side to all of this is that I am sooooooooo tired.... I feel like I am about to fall asleep over the keys. Which would be a pity to anyone who wanted to use this computer next.

We don't have the computer set up yet or any hope of Internet for a while so unfortunately I wont be able to put up an anniversary post. Not that I have given it much thought since Friday.

I have to go because Mum has things to do rather than sit with me in the library and watch my brain and fingers go 100 kilometers an hour, lol. I wish I could write more but I am seriously about to fall asleep!
Till Next time!

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