Friday, February 12, 2010

Writing Standing up... :D

So hey!

Ok so weird title?? But seeing as though that this is the truth. Our computer is on our side table, we have no chairs, only a couple of couches. And also the side table is kinda high so a chair probably wouldnt fit anyways. Oh well it gives me the oportunity to try write on my feet. The printer is at eye level so its kinda annoying, lol, or just weird.

Its lunch time so I will have to stop in the middle of my post to eat. But I am sure you guys wont mind as you wont feel the time gap :).

We have settled in quite well I think. The hut is very small but we are managing. We have had a few comments in the direction of "How do you manage in such a small space???" Or "Dont you get sick of eachother?" but the answer is usually an inward laugh, because so far we havent had any problems with the space as we are learning to live with it. As my Mother put it this morning "We would rather be in a small space together than in a large one but apart.".

Ok... my interview. It was really scary!!! I walked in and got told that they werent ready for me yet so to sit down. So I sat and one of the ladies, I knew her because she used to be our former Librarian so I am pretty good friends with her, came and talked to me while the owner got off the phone. After a few minutes everyone was ready and we went into their conference room and talked. It was very nerve racking as I am not overly confident with people I dont know, or know very well. It went alright, they were very nice to me and made me feel very much at ease. They asked me about being home schooled and how I was planning to get time for it if I got the job, and all this other stuff.

I didnt really want the job before the interview but now I would really like to work there, the people are really nice and the things they would have me doing would be very interesting.

The class is really good. I am really enjoying it. In class we have to design stuff and we have made our first project, a pin cushon. Ok so not the most challenging project in the world but really fun. I made an ice cream cone with some ice cream in it. It turned out really well. This week's assignment was to design a dress from the 50's. It had to have the really small waist and the large hips and bust. Its really great learning about other fashion eras and which famous designers belong to which era and things like that. I am thinking about taking another designing and technology course.

This weekend we are heading to Albury/Wodonga to do some shopping. We plan on staying with my grandparents one night. Its all very exciting as this is the first time we have been free to do something like this since we left the dairy farm. Anything like this was completely impossible there because you had to milk the cows every morning and every night. Its great that we have the freedom to do this now.

Well I have to go pack some clothes and things for me and my family. Got to go. Bye Everyone!!!
Till next time I write!!!!
Your Author :D
Katherine Alice McFarland

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