Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So today I get to show you a picture! YAY, I'm excited, lol not really but seeing as though there aren't many pictures on this blog each should be given a celebration :D.

This picture is the pattern of the dress I am going to make in my textiles class. I am going to make the middle dress.
It wont be the most challenging dress I have made but I do not look forward to sewing the twelve darts at the waist... But other than that it is very straight forward. Well should be anyway, lnumb (laughing nervously under my breath).
Nothing much else of interest has happened in the last couple of weeks, well that is other than my brother, Dan, and Kurt fell off their motor bikes, they are both OK just a bit of skin off here and there.
My sister, Sarah, hurt her wrist just before we left the dairy farm and it has been giving her pain for a few weeks now, because she is basically one handed and almost useless at work, her boss told her not to come to work until it was better so she gets to stay home, YAY!
During our move, we managed to lose two cats, which we are very sad about, our oldest cat is scared of strangers and doesn't like being moved, so when we tried to get him into the car he ran off and we haven't seen him since. Our other cat we aren't so worried about as she was never very very friendly anyway, and after her friend and uncle died of a snake bite early this summer she was never the same, she went a bit feral and kept to the dairy. When I think about it our cats and dogs are very important to us, although we have a lot of cats we really miss our big old cat, we had had him for about 10 years so he was really part of our family.
We are learning to live in close proximity to our neighbors, which is all very new to us, lol! Its not to bad though because they are our friends and its like an extended visit, but all the while trying not to get used to them being here because we don't know when they will leave exactly.
Well I really need to go, I am trying to get some school work done these days so I had better get started :).
Till Next time!
Your author in training
Katherine Alice McFarland

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