Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sigh... sickish still... got itchy fingers :)

So I guess that means I am going to write a blog post :).
Do you know how good it feels to be able to just type away and not worry about what to write and what I need to be doing. Do you know how good it feels to have your fingers typing away? Its like breathing. Just something I have to do, how good it feels to be set free (that isnt exactly how I wanted the words to come out but they kinda fit so I guess they will have to do.
Ok here is a random question to those of you who faithfully read my blog (even for those who do read it and I dont know about you, lol), do you enjoy reading the words that come randomly out the ends of my fingers??? I mean does it ever get boring just reading it all? Do you wish I had more pictures? Or do you like it the way it is? If you do think it is boring please tell me! Tell me your ideas. What should I do more that would help my blog to be better?
So today I wear a skirt (Yay!), I dont wear them often because being on a farm it really isnt practical to be in anything but jeans so wearing a skirt is kinda a novelty, I dont have very many right now as I said the other day that I have been living out o a few boxes and we still haven't got all our stuff out of storage yet :(. I love wearing pretty skirts they make me feel very feminine and pretty. I have memories of when I was a little girl I used to wear skirts all the time, you know after reading Little House on the Prairie, and watching things like Pride and Predjudice, we never really played at keeping house, we played Little House, Pride and Predjudice, Seven Little Australians and Little Women, lol!
This weekend past was great fun! We had three friends out (Josh L. and Zac and Rachel P.), Dan, Josh and Zac went motor bike riding for half of Saturday, till Zac's bike died then they burnt sticks at the creek. Sarah, Rachel and I spent Saturday crocheting, well Sarah was Crocheting and I was teaching Rachel how to. I do not think I am a very good crochet teacher! I am not really a good teacher of anything!
Saturday night the boys decided to camp at the creek. Although they were going to eat their dinner down there, after dark my brother turns up and says "Oh, I came to find something to eat..." Mum didnt think it was a great idea for three teenage boys, none of whom know how to cook, to be cooking sausages on sticks/plow disk over a camp fire (LOL). So they had to suffer to come to the house and eat with civilised people. After dinner we girls retreated to Sarah and my bedroom to watch a movie, the boys went their own way to their camp fire and my parents and oldest sister went to bed. The movie was soooo sad! It is called All Mine to Give. Its about this immigrant family with a heap of kids in the 1850's in Wisconsin. One of the little boys gets Diphtheria and the whole family is quarantined, the little boy gets better but the Dad catches it and he dies, then the mother gets exhausted from caring for the children and catches Typhoid and she dies, then on top of all of this the children have to give them selves away before they get taken to an orphanage and separated forever. So the eldest boy gives all the smaller children away then gets a job. It has to be one of the saddest movies I have ever seen.
On Sunday the boys burnt more piles of sticks and stacked heaps more up! (During the drought we cut heaps of willow branches down for the cows to eat, so now on the banks of the creek there are sticks everywhere!). We girls spent the morning crocheting (AGAIN!) then went S and R went horse riding and I went to help the boys at the creek and the boys accidentally bashed me with a log (which ended up with me having a rather sore arm!). After burning a few heaps of logs (S and R had joined us by this time) we were getting a bit hot so we walked a ways up the creek to our swimming hole. We only intended to stick our feet in to cool us down but some people were a bit hyper and so Sarah ended up getting pushed right into the creek by Dan (who was promptly thrown in to see how it felt, lol), it was all kind of funny but apparently it cold. We were very thankful for the fire we lit earlier.
We got back to the house and with wet legs, black coffee substitute, and amusing conversation it was time for our guests to leave much to our dismay. It was a weekend made out of the stuff of dreams, all in all it was wonderful!
Well next weekend my parents are leaving to go on their 20 wedding anniversary present cruise :). We have 10 days to have a great time with out our parents which will probably mean a few blog posts about our antics and all the fun stuff we do :D.
So till then!

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