Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Busy days and we are moving again!

I have been very busy and I am sorry I have let all my faithful readers down by not writing much at all.
So many little things have happened it is hard to keep track of them or remember them all and some times they don't seem like anything at all. But I will try to think of something to ramble on about so you don't get bored :).

I watched Miss Potter... and...

I loved it! It was really sad but it was a wonderful story, Beatrix Potter should be a roll model for aspiring authors.

I have been crocheting. I got a book from the Library and I have been teaching my self some new stitches. Its coming onto winter so I have a bit of a crocheting bug so my fingers have been itching to get a project going :).
I have been reading a great deal over the last two months, although I havent had all that much time I have been reading book after book. I have been having the time of my life reading over my old favorites like the Love Comes Softly series and Beverly Lewis's The Courtship of Nellie Fisher, although I didnt like the last one much because I had left it about two years between the second book and the last one so I was a little out of touch with the story line... Right now I am reading Jane Eyre because I am participating in my friend, Cassie's, book club Literary Ladies Discussion Group.
Well I'll try write more another time.
Till then!!!

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Cassie said...

Oh, Kathy! Miss Potter is one of my all-time favorite movies EVER!!!

I'm ever so glad that you like it too!

I wrote you a letter a little bit ago, you should get it very soon if you haven't gotten it already. =D