Friday, March 26, 2010

Moving :D and other stuff...

Have you ever spent about 3 1/2 months moving and forget about the certain personal item that used to be your favorite then unpack a random box and find it sitting right at the bottom corner of a box and go "Oh I really like that! Why is it sitting at the bottom of the box???" That seems to be happening a lot around here of late. Today I hope my desk will get moved into my room, Yay! I really cant wait because I have about four boxes sitting at the end of my bed that have to go somewhere in my desk, one of which burst its side so I am trying my best not to have pens, pencils, note pads, drawing pads, random bits of paper, books and what ever else happens to be in that box going all over the floor.
The day before yesterday we set up our wardrobe so at least some of the moving mess can be stuffed into that. For about the last two months I have been living out of about three foot long by foot wide boxes of clothes, do you know how monotonous that can get? Wearing the same sets of clothes about a hundred times. I used to wonder how we could stand having soooo many clothes, but now I half understand, when you wear the same sets of clothes for a while.... You are very thankful when you can exchange one box of clothes for a different one.
School holidays start today, so no more textiles for about two weeks :(. Then after that I will only have another two-ish months till they are over completely, I am kinda sad because I really like going to classes. When you don't have anything major to distinguish one day from the next it sometimes is very hard to tell one day apart from the other.
Well anyway on a more cheerful note! We lit our first fire yesterday, no it wasn't because we were cold or anything, but it did help, it was because we have yet to move our gas bottles up here from our other house (we call the other house 'the hut') and we didn't have anything to cook on :).
It was very nice this morning to get up and have my coffee standing in front of a nice warm stove... hmmm bliss!
It is a very Autumny day today, all smoky (from where the national parks authorities are burning out the undergrowth in the parks) and with a bit of a chill in the air, the leaves are starting to turn so there is some very beautiful colours in the trees around the house. The bush looks just the same as if it had been a hot summer's day because it is are mainly gum trees which are ever-green (not that they were ever 'green' in the first place, they are more grey brown).
Well gotta go make a few beds and there is stuff to get moving.
So till next time I write!

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