Sunday, March 21, 2010

Painting and getting ready to move

Yay finally we get to move into our wonderful house :). So ok, it wont be for about another week yet but we get to paint and plan and clean, I am just sooo happy I want to jump around and I really cant wait! It has been great just being back here and I am sure that I wont mind waiting till our rooms are painted and the carpets are cleaned and everything like that, but it will be just wonderful when we can actually get there and be living in OUR house.

We have lived away from our farm and house for almost two whole years now and I have no idea how we stood it. You really have to see our place to understand what I mean, and I don't mean just in pictures, you have to be here, standing right in our valley, seeing the green of the grass, the blue grey of the gum tress that are everywhere over the hills, the cows and calves, our awful old house (lol I am joking when I say awful!), to really know what I mean you have have to feel the freedom of standing in the middle of the paddock and knowing that if you yelled as loud as you could that no one would hear you and no one can see you, knowing that if you didn't go anywhere for a week you would see anyone other than your family that entire time. It must be hard to imagine for some of you who have never lived in complete seclusion in your whole life. Well actually that is pretty hard to imagine for me, to have never lived on a farm or in the country for my whole life. If I lived in a city I think I would go batty!

So enough of my random thoughts for now. We will be painting and cleaning all of today and
probably tomorrow (and who knows how long after that), then on Tuesday we are having the carpets cleaned, then after that we can move in! Yay I cant wait!
Will post more when I get the chance :).
Till next time my head gets so full of words that I have to write, lol, bye!

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