Wednesday, June 3, 2009

sorry not many posts....

I'm sorry... I should have been posting more often. I guess I just haven't had much to say, I have no idea why, I can usually think of something to write about. Lately even my diary has been getting neglected :(.

I've been doing a lot of cleaning (and thinking!!) lately, trying to finish projects and things before... well I guess before I turn 15, I know I might be making a big deal about it and I should stop worrying about it, but... Even when I tell my self that, I still feel like I should be getting ready to get a job, kind of like 'putting away childish things', I know I am being silly... because I don't even know that I will get a job, just because both my sisters got jobs right after the 15th birthday doesn't mean I will, right? OK, I think you get the gist of whats been going through my mind lately!

Isn't it funny, when you experience something and you want to put it into words but it just never seems to come out right, well sometimes it does but... yeah. OK, to get the point (lol), I went for a ride on my pony the yesterday, it was really cloudy and it was about to start raining, it was late so it was almost twilight, and I was cantering/galloping around a not long sowed paddock. That's the picture, but how do you describe the sounds of his hooves hitting the soft ground, the off balance feeling I got when he turned the corner of the paddock a bit too quick, the acceleration that he loves to surprise me with when I think he is already going as fast as he can, the slight panic I got when my dog was standing right where Blackie and I were about to go? I could go on and on, but I think you know what I am talking about. My tutor told me to keep a note pad handy (not that I can write down this stuff when I am flying along at 40 K's an hour on the back of my pony!), but writing them down isn't the problem, its how to correctly describe them. (Another funny thing, lol, is that when you start writing you end up saying exactly what was on your mind!).
Till next time.

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