Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I thought that I would post some photos of some stuff I have been working on for the last little while.
The lamp stand and lamp shade were finished about a month ago. The lamp shade took me a while to get done but since I am the third generation to try work on it I guess it went together pretty quick :). I got it from my Mum who had got it from Grandma when she was moving. I think there were a few times that Grandma was going to throw it away and I know my Mum was going to throw it away when I rescued it.
The lamp stand was also destined to rust away in my Dad's steel pile behind his shed in the shape of an old set of rusty green kiddy swings... but after some help from my Mum (finding it), my brother and a friend (who helped me pull it apart), and my Dad (who patiently showed me how to sand the paint off, taught me to spray paint, welded it together for me and lent me some stain-less-steel wire for the beading :), it came out like this.
What a wonderful family I have!!!

(Its wonky, isn't it???)

An up-close view of the beading, I think the beading was the thing that took the longest

This is my latest project, I finished them yesterday. I think I mentioned them in my last post. They are just art canvases with the fabric over the top. They have fasteners at the back (that look like a groove, you pull the fabric tightly over the grooves then put a tiny sliver of wood, called a biscuit, into the grooves and sandwich the fabric between) to keep them tight. Then stapled calico on the back to cover up the mess (there wasn't that much mess, lol!) :)!
I finished them then mentally slapped myself for not taking photos while I was in the process... I always seem to remember stuff like that when its too late :(!

I thought the Piano was a good background :)

The background colour on the fabric is actually pale yellow but the photos dont show it well at all

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