Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sigh... need to find stuff to post about...

Well sorry I have been such a bad blogger. I really haven't had much to write about (that I would want to write about here). I haven't even been *busy*.... :(
Oh well I guess now I am here writing I might as well finish a blog post, I have actually written about 4 but they all seem to have ended up unfinished in drafts :P. Not good.

Today, is my 15th birthday. So far it has been a pretty normal day (ok, ok I got to sleep in), my sisters got up and got ready for work, told me happy birthday and left. I made myself a coffee and sat here at the computer to see what horrible comments were made by my friends about the photos my sister put on Face book of Sarah (my other sister) dying my hair (that story later). Then looked up my friends blogs to see what they had written, but only one was updated, which reminds me I have to thank Elisha for following my blog... Pause... ok that's done :). And now as you can see I am typing out this. And soon my parents will call me to go down to help feed the poddie calves.

My Grandma (grandmother on my Mum's side) is staying for 4 days over my and Dad's birthday (Dad's birthday was yesterday, but I had better not tell you how old he is, lol), so probably in not too short a time I will be receiving more 'happy birthdays', *sigh* I was sick of this birthday before it even came, and now I have to live through 4 days of it (ok two down, my Aunt and uncle came up over the Queen's birthday weekend, Dad's birthday is over, that leaves 2 to go, today and Saturday, Mama, my grandmother on my Dad's side, is coming on Saturday).

Yesterday, Sarah decided it would be a good idea to get some hair products (ie. hair spray), she had told me this much but when she came home she was armed with two packets of hair dye, for Ayala's and Sarah's 15th birthdays Mum took them to the hair dresser to have their hair dyed, but since I don't really 'love' having my hair dyed, I begged out and Mum signed me up for folk art lessons instead (much funner in my opinion), but apparently I wasn't getting out that easily, my sister decided to be 'nice' and buy me PURPLE hair dye! Thankfully, when she put it in it just turned my hair a darker shade of brown and in the light it has kinda a purple-ish glow, I just have to wear a hat, and no one will know :D! But my brother bore the brunt of her 'good ideas' too she got him blond streaks (we had been trying to convince him for weeks that he should get some hair gel and put his hair in spikes or something, he told us that is was for girls and he wasn't having any of it, Did I mention he looks really good with spiky red and blond streaked brown hair?), we had a lot of fun :)
Well I really need to go, get dressed in 500 layers of clothing before heading out into the 'wild wild white' (and cold!) lol!
Till next time!

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