Friday, June 12, 2009

Writing... Ideas... Cold... and what ever else I feel like writing.

OK, its a cold morning down here on a farm in the bottom end of New South Wales. I am sitting at our kitchen table, which looks out at our back yard, past that there is the horse paddock, and beyond that is the poddie (calves) paddock, past that there is the road and past that there is a wall of complete white! But I know that beyond that there are another 10 or so paddocks then there is an intersection of two roads in the saddle of a hill, after that, there are two hills and then the mountains. On a sunny day you can see the snow. So you get the idea of how close we are to 'real' snow :). It gets kinda cold here, lol! (ok there is the cold bit)

Have you ever sat with your family for an evening with a note pad and pen, and written down random things people say? None of it makes sense when you read back over it until you start think of it as something else other than the conversation they were having at the time. I did this one time and afterwards I didn't know what they were talking about but it was weird how some sentences fitted together from different conversations! (and that's the ideas and writing bits put into one).

Mum and Dad just called so I have to go feed poddie calves (and that wraps up the 'what ever else I feel like writing' bit, except that I would rather not have written it).
Got to go. Till next time!

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