Sunday, October 25, 2009

Crazy Thoughts

Ok I wanted to write a crazy post just for fun, lol, I am in a bit of a weird mood :D!

Have you ever sat in front of a clock and watched the second hand tic away and thought that every time it passes the 12 that another minute of your life just passed and you wont get it back... personally I get dizzy watching it go around and around in circles, lol.

Carrying on the theme of weird thoughts: I was thinking the other day (sometimes that can be dangerous;) and I came up with this weird question, Is cold colder than hot is hot? I have yet to find an answer to this but I did think of a way to figure out how to get a solution, you find out normal body temperature then go to freezing point then go from body temperature to boiling point. Like I said it was a weird thought and I am no scientist, lol!

Now I get to go completely loopy and burst out in song!

Spring times' coming
On the heels of a winter wind
Balmy breezes will blow across your garden again.
As long as earth and Heaven remain,
God promises the seasons will change.
Spring times' coming

Ok bad song ("Its already spring" *whispers loudly* "dont tell Winter!")!
Now what else can I do to complete the effect that I am out of my mind and you need to stop reading my blog and go do some house work... hmm... Did anyone notice I am bored? Its Sunday afternoon, Dad, my brother and our friend (who came to help) are out in the paddock raking, baling and wrapping the silage, Sarah is watching The Waltons somewhere, Ayala is writing in her blog (Oh by the way, check it out at ---), and Mum is asleep. I'm tired and basically exhausted and this post doesnt really need comments, lol and I think thats where I will end this post :)


Emii said...

Haha, Sunday afternoon's are like this. Aren't they GREAT? I'm loving mine :P


Anonymous said...

lol, the perfect random post, loved it! :) Great song btw! Thinking is very dangerous!

Katherine Alice said...

OOh I completely forgot to say where to look at Ayala's blog! If anyong wants to read it, it is on my side bar, lol, I was going to get it off Ayala then I forgot to before I published it. Oh well, who cares?! :)
Thanks Maggie!

Anonymous said...

lol, your welcome! :) Hey, about the photo contest over at my blog, its fine if you send in a picture of spring, because I see your situation or why you were asking if you could send in a picture of spring! :) It took me a minute to figure it out then I was like "Oooh, that might be a little challenging!" lol!