Friday, October 2, 2009

News, news, news!!!!

I have news :). First of all...
I am still like "WOW!!" and it was two days ago that I found out :D! I am sooo happy, ecstatic, excited and just plain amazed that I could have gotten shortlisted out of hundreds of contestants!! 10 people get shortlisted for each category (there are 2 categories) and out of those 10, one is the winner. The standard for judging is pretty high so only very good writers get to be shortlisted. Right now I don't care if I win, because I have won anyways, being shortlisted IS winning! It's one of those things that will look good on a future job resume :).
The whole presentation is on the 15'th of October (on World Rural Women's Day), that is when the winner is announced and all that.
Anyway, other news.
Well I had to go to the dentist on Tuesday (the 29th) and have 2 teeth pulled out :P (actually its a bit of a "YAY!" because that means the last trip to the dentist in a long time!!). And my sister decided it would be a good idea to share her germs with me and I got the flu (nother :P), that is one time I do not like sharing, lols, so I am sitting here with a sore mouth (cos I chewed on something the slightest bit hard) and the flu!!! :(
Ok, on a better (brighter!) note. Monday, because I was bored I decided to start sewing rectangles of fabric together and now all I have to do is sew the binding on the edges and I have a blanket for my Glory Box :) (will try to post pics and instructions soon).
We haven't had Internet for the last 3 days (that explains my absence from the blogging world).
Well I think that is all news for now.
Gotta go! Till next time!! :D


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Thx :), as you can see I am pretty happy, lols!