Saturday, October 3, 2009

Just a little quiet ;)

*Sigh*.... It has been a beautiful day. And now I am sitting here in the dining/living room amazed at the serene quiet that has suddenly surrounded the house. My mum went to bed early (not sure why, I think she might be coming down with the same flu that I have, poor Mum), my sisters both went out to the flat, Ayala to finish some Brailling and Sarah (who is also sick-ish) to go to bed. My brother has just appeared from his room to talk to Dad about something about fixing cars and things. And my Dad is sitting in his chair reading the paper, Oh and I am writing this blog post :) lols! I think I am getting better (YAY!), I only have a blocked nose and I cough sometimes :P so not quite better! I cooked dinner tonight (as I seem to be doing most nights now), and amazingly, with the limited amount of vegetables, it turned out quite nicely :). The truck is just arriving... Its 20 minutes to 9 PM. I should be heading to bed but I just want to write some.
Today was the Farmer's Market, Mum had made a heap of soaps to sell, so we had a stall. We made $107 all up, and we had some offers from places that want to sell our soap in their shops :). So all up is was a success. Mum is trying to talk me into growing vegetable seedlings for the next market. I dont know, I know that I could and it wouldn't be that hard and the money would be good, but, and, and... And I'm tired and I am rambling and I forgot to say thanks to my friends who helped me out big time with the Elyne Mitchell thingy magigy, and I cant say thanks to one of them and I am sad about that and I need sleep and I need to attach that photo to that email and I am sick of having so many things to do. I'm going to go sleep, Goodnight!

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