Friday, October 16, 2009

Elyne Mitchell Rural Women's Writing Award Presentation

Ok for the news some of you might have been waiting for :) no I didn't win the "Award". But I did win something...

But I guess I should start from the start, lol and keep you all in suspense!

We had a wonderful day yesterday, at midday we went to pick Rachel up from in town, because I invited her to come with us, we went to the op-shop and found some really nice CDs, there were a few singing ones but the ones I really like is the one with a Cello playing hymns and another one with a violin playing hymns, both of them are really beautiful :).

We came home and while listening to the violin CD I read my book. I had a shower and got dressed up, Ayala insisted on putting make up on me :P (I really dislike make up, I used to say it made me feel sickish, which it did, but I looked at myself in the mirror after she had finished with me and I didn't really like the way I looked, anyway that's off the subject), which I endured.

We left it late to leave and the sun was just setting as we came into the Corryong valley, it was pretty magnificent with all the clouds turned gold and sunlight coming through here and there. I had grabbed the violin CD as we went out the door so it was amazing to be listening to Morning Has Broken being played on the violin and watching the sun go down, my idea of a very beautiful scene :). I also had some private thoughts which makes it a bittersweet memory.

There was a $10 entry fee for all the people who weren't contestants and everyone was given a raffle ticket for the door prize (it was just a couple of copies of the shortlisted stories, some jams and chutneys and things). I looked at my number, 45, and though 'oh great! It isn't even one of my favorite numbers!' and thought no more of it.

They had pictures and a short biography of each of the shortlisted contestants up on the wall, lol I took one look at them and thought 'I haven't got a hope!' because there were two girls who were 22 or 23 and they were both in university and doing creative writing course thingys! I was the only local person in the Emerging category.

After all the speeches had been made about thanking the supporters and one lady got up and sang a poem that Banjo Patterson had written, then Eylne Mitchell's daughter, Honor, got up and gave a speech about her Mum and writing and all that, she would be an amazing person to sit down with for 2 hours and talk to her :)!

When Marita, one of the organisers, got up to announce the raffle, I was joking to Dan and comparing what numbers we had, he had number 44 and I already said I got 45. Marita called out a number, 45 (LOL) and I turned to Dan, who had suddenly started staring at me and was about to say "Haha, its you!" when I realised that I was the one holding 45 and was more like "EEK its ME!" I just never win those things and I was so shocked and it was so hilarious that I just started laughing.

We were all awarded a certificate for being shortlisted so that was the second time I had to walk up to the stage thingy, I got to shake hands with the mayor :D (which isn't the greatest of honors because she is friends with my grandmothers, lol)!! And as we all left the stage Honor stopped me and talked to me, because I was the local!
And after some more speeches, photos, talking and congratulations from people I have never met before, that was basically it and after Sarah and I helped in the kitchen we went home :).
I would upload the picture of my award but its on the other computer and there is some trouble with the connection so I cant right now :P. But I will as soon as I find a memory stick.
Well I have to go, till next time!
P.S. 2 posts to go!!!


Cassie said...

Wow Kathy! You have been busy!!! Congrats! It sounds like you had a lovely time! :D

I love your new header I promise to reply to your letter and inform you about "my new sister" soon! :D

Are you going to do NaNoWriMo?

Gruss Gott!

Maggie said...

lol, I never win those things! Congrats on winning it! You sound pretty busy! :)

Katherine Alice said...

Yes I have been pretty busy, it was a wonderful evening!
I am glad you finally got my letter, it got sent back the first time I sent it :(. Did you like the soaps?
I would love to do NaNoWriMo but I dont know, its National Novel Writing Month though, not International, so I would have to check out the rules on that one... But yes I would LOVE to :D, and I will talk to my parents and look at the rules.
God Bless

Alaina K. said...

WOW!!! thats cool, congrats.:)
thx for the comment. :) sound like u had FUN> :)