Monday, October 12, 2009

Its Monday morning...

Today is Monday, you know some people say they hate Mondays... Since I don't usually go along with the flow, lol, I disagree :). This morning was a lovely morning and since I had a very restful weekend I am very much looking forward to this week! I got up at 6:30, about half an hour ago to an almost red gold light coming over the top of my curtains (as I occupy the top bunk the sun comes in over the top of my curtains at about 6 to 6:30 every morning, except of course cloudy ones). I got up and had the pleasure of seeing my parents before they went to work at the dairy (one thing I miss about dairy farming is that when you get up your parents aren't there and you wont see them till you go and start your jobs). Then I put a CD on (Sons of Korah, the best thing to wake up with and go to sleep with :O *yawns*, possibly a bad thing :), and now I am sitting here drinking my morning cup of coffee, writing my 76th blog post and listening to beautiful psalms being sung.
Well anyway the other day, think it was Saturday, I decided to post on my other blog so please take a look here. I hope I can keep up with posting on both my blogs :).
Thursday is the Elyne Mitchell Award presentation. I am kinda nervous but not overly so, it would be pretty amazing to get the award but I think I could live without it. I am pretty excited that I get to go at all.
Yesterday one of our cows gave birth to twin boys :D. They are so cute! They are almost identical but one is brown and the other is black :).
Harvest should be starting soon but its a little hard because it keeps raining! My Dad is a little frustrated that we haven't started yet. I don't think we will get a very good number of silage bales this year as the grass is a little sparse, that is good news for me because I will be sitting on top of the pile of bales patching any holes with duct tape and bad news for Dad and the rest of the farm because there wont be as much food for the cows as they need.
Well I need to go, my babies don't like to have their breakfast kept waiting (my Dad usually isn't all that happy about it either :).
Till next time (when ever that is, lol)!

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