Sunday, May 31, 2009

A week and no posts... sorry

Ahhh, I really don't have much to write but I thought I had better write something before it really was a week :) (BTW that is tomorrow!). And an other thing, I didn't want to put two Young Maiden's Day books together. That would be really slack!!

Tomorrow is the first official day of winter... It seems like yesterday that it was winter last year! but then it also seems like not long ago that we were sweltering in 40 degree Celsius heat. Its just another year I guess.

Today I spent making art I guess you could call it. I don't know if it actually has a name, but I just got some artist canvases and spread material over it and stuck it too the back. Its pretty easy and it looks good. I like making things like this. My sister and I joke around that after she finishes her course and I finish my writing course we will both take a course in home decorating, to learn how to do it all properly. I don't know if we will ever be able to do this or that we will have the same interests in a year or two, but its fun planning.

Writing... a subject that lately seems to follow me every where! I mean the other day, my grandmother was talking about it! It can get annoying when everybody wont stop talking about it. In someways its good because it gives me ideas but like I said it can get annoying. My mum was using it as an object lesson to someone the yesterday! So maybe I wont write about it today :)

I have to go. Till next time!!

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