Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Internet Silence (if you call it that) and a Young Maiden's Daybook (ie. Long post)

Well if you have read my blog in the last week you would know I have been spending the last 4 days in Melbourne. Oh do I hate big cities!! I am not joking! After the second day I wanted to come home... The water tasted like a pool, there was no where to go and have a quiet moment if you needed one, there were so many people, it was so noisy, and there was hardly anything to do, and most of all my whole family wasnt there (each of those should be followed with an exclaimation mark, lol, and yet not lol).

(I wrote the above on Sunday night, so I will try to finish and publish this post before I get off the computer again and forget about it)

Ok... Now where to go??? Ok, we went shopping on the second day. We went to THE biggest shopping center I have ever seen and could ever imagine! It was almost scary, the size of the place! We walked around that for about two hours and didnt see all of it! We went into David Jones and just out of curiosity looked at the price of a simple cotton dress... Wait for it... The price tag read $600!!! We didnt feel like touching anything after that, hehe. After the two hours were up Aunty Lynne (who isnt actually our aunt but Uncle Bob was best friends with my grandpa and so my Mum and her brothers and sisters called them Aunt and Uncle and so thats what we call them) took us to to a factory outlet where thankfully almost every thing was within our price range and we didnt feel quite so intimidated, lol!

On the third day Ayala and Sarah had to go to their course and I stayed at home with our friends. Aunty Lynne has the biggest scrapbooking/cardmaking collection I have ever seen, and she was kind enough to give me some papers, stamps, and punches :) so that is what I did with my morning then in the after noon Aunty Lynne and Uncle Bob took me to some craft shops, which without my Mum I have to say wasnt very interesting... I would see something I knew she would like but she wasnt there to see it too. And in the evening we met up with some other friends who we hadnt seen in a long time.

And obviously on the fourth day we came home. Do you have any idea how wonderful the feeling of heading home is? It was the best feeling I have ever felt, I think :D.

We had Monday at home but today we were back in Albury/Wodonga because my brother had a dentist appointment. And right now I am so worn out it isnt funny!! I am so sick of towns and being in a car I'd rather stop talking about it all, lol (it probably isnt that bed but I just have some other stuff to write right now.).

A Young Maiden's Daybook
(that I should have written yesterday)

Today... Tuesday 8 September 2009
Outside my window... I have my curtains closed but from the sound on the roof its raining quite heavily and its dark.
I am thinking... About the new book Mum bought, that I should email a few of my friends (I'm sorry I havent yet), wondering, a little bit confused and somehow happily so, about things in the past.
I am feeling... completely worn out, kinda sad about some stuff I have said and done.
I am thankful for... The actions of others that have shown I did something right, my Mum and her motherly wisdom.
I am wearing... black flat shoes, blue jeans, and a very ew yellow coloured woolen jumper.
I am reading... For Young Women Only, by Shaunti Feldhahn and Lisa A. Rice (If anyone is wondering, this is the cause of my slightly weird thoughts, feelings and thankfulness and yes I am going to say something about it). Wow, what a book! I have often wondered and sometimes exclaimed "What was/is he thinking?!", this has been about my brother and sometimes my friends who are guys. I am one of the worst girls for misunderstanding guys, I am sorry if I sound like I am putting myself down but its true. How many of us girls actually realise that some guys would actually prefer to be respected rather than loved? The cause of my weird thoughts has come from I guess examaning how I have treated the guys in my life, wether it be my Dad, my brother or my friends. And thinking "How could I have acted better in such and such a situation?"... (BTW, have only read the first two chapters).
I am creating... Nothing right now, I need some ideas :)
One of my favorite things... Home
For education this week... Actually there might be something this week. I asked Ayala to help me get back into school work and stuff, I dont know how this is going to go but hopefully it will work out.
A keeper at home skill I am learning/using... cooking
A spiritual lesson I am learning... Not to keep anything from God.
A Godly character trait I plan to work on... Being the girl God wants me to be, not the one I want to be.
Scripture I plan on memorising (I changed that cos I'm not learning one right now, lol)... Not sure where it is but it goes along the lines of "We should be in this world but not of it.".
I am praying for... My Dad, that he will be able to make the right decisions.
For the rest of the week... Hopefully not much :)... Resting, school work, writing work (thinking about that I planned on doing that today but I guess I ran out of time), house work.
Well I guess thats it for now. Will write some other time. Soon, hopefully :)!

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Cassie said...

Hello, Kathy! It sounds like you've been pretty busy. I have too.

I know what you mean about expensive clothes. My friends say a pair of ripped and bleach-stained jeans for $150! And they were already wrecked!

Anyway, I can't relate to you wanting to leave the city (I live in a big city), but I can relate to wanting to be home. :D

The book that you're reading sounds REALLY good! I'll look into it.

Gruss Gott!
Your forever friend,

P.S. Did you ever reply to the letter that I sent you? I was just wondering...