Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just thinkin' that I want to write somethin'

Its 10 minutes to 9 PM, on the second day of spring. And I am sitting here thinking that I should probably be packing my bag to go to Melbourne tomorrow, listening to the best music (ie. Classical, is there any other? :) and my favorite song, Pachelbel, I think it is also called Canon in D. And thinking (I mentioned that already, didnt I?) about random stuff, like my friends (most of whom are probably just waking up about now), tomorrow, spring, my garden, dirty feet (from wandering around in bare feet, yeah I know, crazy, right?), the project I am almost finished, prayer requests I received earlier today. You know its funny, when I receive prayer requests and I pray for the person, I find myself praying that God's will be done... I'm tired, I probably should go to bed.
I was working in my garden today. Yesterday I got potatoes planted and tomatoes in the green house. I was never very good at gardening... I was always too impatient for the plants to grow and it always seem like an age for anything to happen :)! Why is it that we get so impatient about things? I'm not only talking about plants but life in general... Well I think that will be a good note to ponder on while I sleep :).
I dont know if I will post tomorrow, so this is probably to be bye for about 4 days.

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