Sunday, September 13, 2009

Picnic :)

The last few days have been really nice and warm... Actually maybe slightly too warm! It has been up in the mid to high 20s (degrees Celsius) which is really hot for early spring. We took advantage of the wonderful weather and went for a picnic :). We asked our neighbor if we could go through her property and picnic down at the river. She has the most beautiful spot down there, its all green and there are a heap of gum trees everywhere.
I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story :)

Happy, slightly crazy... hmm I am thinking this might just make my new profile pic :)

My happy beautiful mother, preparing damper by the looks of that, mmm yum!

Lazy-bones sister (dont worry that drink she is holding is completely non-alcoholic, lol)

This is Kurt, for some reason looking a little bit grumpy (which by the way is not normal!!) :)

Dad had spotted a White Clawed Murray Crayfish and sent Dan and Kurt to get it, Dan was a bit scared so Kurt risked his toes only to lose the cray in deeper water (I have no idea how only the three of us got in this picture because everyone was crowded around).

Dad, Kurt and Dan getting the rods all ready to catch some fish (BTW we didnt catch any :P. Why is it when you have visitors, they always end up in the photos???)

River flats with huge gum trees, just beautiful!!!

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Cassie said...

Oh, Kathy! Your picnic spot is beautiful! It looks like that you had a great time!

And I think that that other picture would be good for your profile. :D I also like the picture of your mom.

Gruss Gott!